The truth about Canadian bear hunts in minutes

It might take several days or weeks to harvest or kill your first bear. However, with a qualified outfitter guide and you can be able to do it in minutes. There are people who have been able to harvest or kill their catch in minutes after setting their stands. The truth about Canadian bear hunts in minutes is not only real but also achievable.

The truth about Canadian bear hunts in minutes is realizable if you avoid the following.

1. Frequent distractions through unexpected calls of nature. This is one of the most disturbing issues when it comes to bear hunting. As you plan to go for bear hunting, you should arrange on carrying containers, which you will use as your temporary urinal. This will save you many missed opportunities to spot the bear while on the bait. This would also restrict your movements that would have caught the bear’s attention. Next time you go for bear hunting please do not forget to carry a portable urinal. This will definitely increase your chance of having your harvest or kill sooner than expected. You are just minutes away from your first bear harvest.

2. Restlessness and impatience are other issues you should take care of if you want to have a quick bear harvest. Frequent movements and restlessness might end your expedition prematurely. Remember bears have a very strong sense of scent or smell, therefore making unnecessary moves will only attract their suspicion of human presence. If you do not want to be in your stand for a very long time, try to calm down and you will see the magic in minutes. Being restless will also make you miss your mark when it comes to aiming your target.

3. Fearing the unknown when you are around the bait area especially at night will force you to avoid hunting at night, which is the most opportune time to get huge harvests. Therefore, to have tangible results, you should stop thinking of eminent bear attacks at night. Waiting until late hours increases your chances of getting the big male bears in less than an hour. These big bears increase their mobility during the late hours of the day i.e. at night.

4. Unpreparedness on what to do after shooting the bear is another issue of concern. Remember bears can run for long distances even after the shooting. Having the right equipment and attires will help a lot during the search.

The truth about Canadian bear hunts in minutes is not a myth but a reality. Many hunters have been able to set up the stands and within minutes have been able to catch a bear. It is all about perseverance, concentration and acting at the right time.

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