moose hunts in NB, CanadaMoose Hunts in NB, Canada

Moose hunts are done in late September while the bulls are in full rut. The temperature at this time of year varies between 30° – 40° F early mornings, 50° – 70° F mid-afternoons, and 40° – 50° F late evenings.

Moose Hunts in the early mornings and late evenings are usually the most effective hunting times, as calls seem to carry better at this time. All moose hunts will be done by tree stand or ground blinds.

The average bull has between a 40″ – 50″ spread. It is not uncommon to get a bull over 60″.

Our success rate over the past 10 years has been 90 – 100 %.

Keep in mind for fall hunts, that a full hunters orange hat in addition to 400 square inches of hunters orange on the chest front and back is required. All guns should be sighted in for 200 yards.

Non-residents may apply for the opportunity to hunt moose in New Brunswick. One hundred Moose Licenses are currently allocated annually to non-residents by random draw. For information, contact a Service New Brunswick centre, a Natural Resources office or a licensed outfitter or guide. Keyword: Natural Resources.

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Moose Hunts – License Information

  • All non-resident moose hunters are required to hunt with a licensed New Brunswick guide.
  • Non-residents must show proof of having held a hunting license in a previous year or proof of having taken a Hunter Education course.
  • Moose Licenses are valid for only one Wildlife Management Zone.
  • Non-resident hunters must identify  at the time of license pickup  the zone in which they will hunt.
  • Outfitters or guides may assist with zone choice.
  • A Non-Resident Moose License holder is eligible to harvest one moose of either sex, or of any age during the three-day season.
  • The successful non-resident draw applicant may not designate another hunter to accompany him / her while hunting.

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