Black Bear

Hunting Black Bears with Rifles & Archery

On average sightings of black bears are 95% – 100%. Our black bears are hunted over baits. These baits are checked daily. Having over 100 bait sites and relocating to virgin forest every two years gives hunters the best opportunity of scoring Boone & Crocket.

Some permanent stand are available for all rifle hunters. Stands are 20 – 50 yards away from the bait: bow hunters stands are 12 – 22 yards away from the bait. Keep in mind for fall hunts, that a full hunters orange hat in addition to 400 square inches of hunters orange on the chest front and back is required.

Hunting Black Bears in the Spring

~  Hunting black bears begin early May to mid-June. Spring hunts are from approximately 3:00pm – 9:30pm, Monday – Friday. As temperatures vary so much at this time of year, please check our website for an up-to-date weather report before your departure. We suggest you bring full camo and a head net and thermacell; as flies could be bad at this time of year. For spring hunts, you can use cross bow, bow rifle or muzzle loader.

Hunting Black Bears in the Fall

~  Hunting black bears begin in early September and continues through to mid October. Fall rifle & archery hunts are from approximately 2:00pm – 8:00pm, Monday – Friday. Temperatures vary from 50° – 75° F.

Hunting Black Bears – License Information

  • The bag limit is two black bears per year.
  • A person may purchase only one to two Black Bear Licenses per year. Licenses are valid for hunting during two black bear hunting seasons (spring and fall) in a calendar year until the bag limit is filled. Once the tag has been detached from the Black Bear License, the license is invalid for hunting black bears further.
  • Resident Black Bear Licenses are valid for all Wildlife Management Zones open for hunting black bears.
  • Non-resident hunters may acquire Black Bear Licenses in either of the following two methods: (a) Through a designated, licensed outfitter or guide who has received an allocation of Black Bear Licenses. (b) By entering and being successful in the computerized random access draw. Application information and procedures are available from Service New Brunswick centres and Natural Resources offices.   Keyword: Natural Resources
  • Non-resident Black Bear Licenses are valid only for the Wildlife Management Zone specified on the license.
  • The holder of a Black Bear License may transport a firearm two days before the opening of or two days after the closing of the black bear season. The firearm must be unloaded, in a case properly fastened or completely wrapped in a blanket or canvas and securely tied, or in the locked luggage compartment of a motor vehicle.
  • When you are outside the Wildlife Management Zone indicated on your validation sticker and license during the bear hunting season, all firearms must be unloaded, in a case properly fastened or completely wrapped in a blanket or canvas and securely tied, or in the locked luggage compartment of a motor vehicle.
  • Non-residents are required to hunt with a licensed New Brunswick guide.
  • Immediately upon harvesting a black bear, the hunter must: (a) Remove the tag from the bear license and attach it to the right foreleg of the bear. (b) Within 72 hours of killing a bear, present the entire carcass, including the hide, for registration and tagging at the first open bear registration station. (this is done at the lodge)
  • The license is void for hunting black bears once the tag has been removed.
  • The licensed hunter who harvests a black bear must accompany the carcass to a bear registration station.
  • A bear registration agent will attach a plastic lock-seal tag to the hide of each bear. The registration agent will issue two copies of the registration permit to the successful hunter.

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