The Top Five Risks of Bear Hunting in New Brunswick

Black bear hunting is a recreation in New Brunswick. Both the residents and non-residents of New Brunswick enjoy getting themselves engaged in bear hunting. If you have planned a bear hunting trip, you need to know the facts about hunting. With a precise plan, you can make it your best bear hunting in New Brunswick.

Black bears are hunted in seasonal times, avoid risks and make it adventurous

New Brunswick is a territory with maximum bear access and people around the country access this place in a selective season of hunting. But hunting is not as simple as you may think. It is better to take preventive measures than experiencing a stiff situation. Avoiding the below-mentioned risks you can make your trip adventurous and safe.

5 risk factors to avoid

  • The laws of New Brunswick allows purchasing only two black bear hunting licenses per year and is valid along the three hunting seasons. The three hunting seasons are Spring, Fall-Bow and Fall-Gun. Once reach your limit, the license is no longer valid, and your hunt is finished.
  • If you are hunting black bears with the use of bait, then you must be aware of your safety. You should be accompanied by an experienced bear hunting outfitter. These bear hunting outfitters guide you along the way, helping you secure your bear kill. It is risky to attempt it alone as a rookie.
  • Always have several options available to avoid any dangerous circumstances. Keep to the fringe of the forest. As you move deeper, the likelihood to find several bears increases. This can pose a risk, as you can only hunt up to 2 bears in a year, and you may find yourself surrounded by several bears if you advance inward too far.
  • Keep your weapon loaded when you lay the bait. It is hard to determine the time when a bear will react to your bait. Play it safe, always have your weapon in the most ready state to fire when the need arises.
  • Always allow the more experienced hunters and guides to handle the situation when it becomes potentially dangerous. Follow their lead, and avoid making rookie mistakes such as climbing into a tree.

By understanding the top five most common risk factors, you can do your best to eliminate or mitigate them, and give yourself the best possible experience with the best bear hunting in New Brunswick.

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