Whitetail deer hunting tips for hunting with stands

Whitetail deer hunting tips you know, the more effective you will be. You want to make sure you have some warm clothes lined up for the approaching deer season. Besides purchasing or setting up a tree stand, getting your clothes together is something you can do even before the start of the season.

Just remember, it can get really cold on the stand. You need to dress so that when you are on the stand you remain comfortable and alert. I highly recommend dressing in layers and even overdressing for those long, motionless hours on the deer stand. When you are making your way to the deer stand, carry your coat or an extra sweater with you. Getting your clothing right is a tricky balance, because if you work up a sweat during your hike in and your climb into the tree stand, you could suffer all day from wet socks or other wet garments. It can mean the difference between an enjoyable, successful day and a miserable day!

Let me back up a little and talk about where you should place your deer stand. Probably the best all round place to locate a deer stand is near thick cover. The big trophy bucks love to hide out in these areas. If you see a trail leading to this area you could set up near it, but keep an eye out in every direction, as the big trophy bucks are good at changing up the routes they take. Be sure to set up down wind and to practice scent control. An elevated tree stand can help to get your scent above the ground, but always practice safety when up in a tree stand.

Above all, be sure that you have previously scouted this area and have located the tell tale signs indicating the presence of deer, if not big trophy bucks in the area. It’s pointless stand hunting an area if the deer are absent (though many hunters do it, anyway). And don’t fall in love with the same hunting location. If you wear out a certain hunting spot – the deer will be able to set their clocks on your comings and goings. Change up between a few other scouted out locations during the season and you’ll keep the deer guessing.

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