Where to Shoot a Black Bear in New Brunswick

New Brunswick is a very fun place for black bear hunters and has many options to consider. There are several outposts, hunting companies, and just generally hunter rich areas. Some of them may even be undiscovered if you’re lucky enough, so why not give it a look? New Brunswick is where to shoot a black bear if you want the best experience, and if you want the most options.  The thousands of acres of land will be one of the many reasons that keeps bringing you back each season.

Virgin country is where to shoot a black bear if you want big mature prey rather than small underdeveloped ones. A prize really earns its place when it is a fully mature adult that is hundreds of pounds. These areas enforce the sows with cubs’ law, which is in place to keep this circle active. The most northern part of New Brunswick holds areas like these, and during the hunt you can expect to see several more bears than on a normal hunt. Virgin country does hold some advantages in this regard, and as long as the rules are followed the bear count will continue to be plentiful.

Salmon River and surrounding areas in New Brunswick are overlooked. It is also home to one of the better known outfitters for Black Bears, and they would know more than anyone where to shoot a black bear. The company has been operating out of the area for years, and can even lay claim to being near the infamous Miramichi River. This nice landmark is also a place for plenty of wildlife to get hydrated, which in turn equals plenty of opportunities for hunters to get close.

Since 2013 Upper Kent has shown some promise as a place that hunters are interested in. It’s not the most popular place in New Brunswick to start hunting for black bears, but if other areas are busy, this is a nice alternative. Having a backup is never a bad thing, so Upper Kent makes a fairly nice option for people in a bind. There are a couple of outfitters in the area if you don’t want to go at it alone, so that’s a plus for some people. And as a side note, it is home to some of the best spring black bear hunts you can have in New Brunswick.

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