What to Bring to a Bear Hunting Trip in New Brunswick

When it is that time of the year and you’re ready to start planning a bear hunting trip in New Brunswick, there are some things to consider. The first part starts with planning the trip, and the second part is expectations. There are a lot of layers associated with the entire trip, leaving you in charge to make sure everything goes correctly.

A bear hunting trip in New Brunswick is unlike any other trip you’ve been on, so planning ahead will give you the best experience. It starts with finding the time of the year where bears are most active. Then from there you have to pre-plan a specific spot, and backup spots to set up. This part of the planning can be excused if you plan on getting an outfitter or guide in the area, which is highly recommended. They will let you know before you arrive, what the most active spots are and the best time to set up your trip. Then when it comes to the equipment, it’s all about having everything prepped from the start. If you are archery hunting, that tip may be dull if it hasn’t been touched since last year. And when it comes to clothes and scent, there is nothing worse than scaring away your prey before they can even come within range. Thankfully this is something that can be remedied with a shop local to the area, just in case you forget it on the way to your destination.

The second part is a little more complicated than the first, since it hinges on expectations. At the start and end of bear hunting trip in New Brunswick, there are no guarantees. Seasoned pros know this all too well, so if you are determined not to walk away empty handed, there are options. Beyond outfitters, there are companies built entirely around walking a hunter through the entire process called guided bear hunts, and they even have group discounts. Trips are built around private grounds where bears nest, meaning it is highly unlikely you’ll walk away empty handed.

No matter how you plan your trip, make sure that you have a set goal in mind. As long as that goal is reached, then the trip was successful! Take a look at the many successful companies in the area that offer their bear hunting services, and you’ll be surprised with the results. With a little diligence coupled with time, there is nothing to keep you away from what you earned.

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