What everyone ought to know about bear hunts in Canada

For one to be successful in bear hunting in Canada, they must be knowledgeable to Canadian serenity and the dos and don’ts about hunting in Canada. This is achievable through the help of local guides and the locals residing in that area under hunting. What everyone ought to know about bear hunts in Canada may be accessible from hunting guides and the relevant Canadian authorities. In order to qualify for bear hunts in Canada, one must liaise with the hunting licensing authorities. The authorities will not allow going for bear hunts without the relevant government papers. The hunting licenses vary in duration and activity.

Getting hunting licenses in Canada

The hunting licenses are only valid for the three hunting periods in Canada. The three periods are spring, fall gun and fall bow. One can only harvest two black bears within a year. The most commonly used license is the Resident black bear license (RBBL). This type of license is usable anywhere designated for black bear hunting. A person who is not a resident can get the license by participating in a computer-generated draw or through a hunting guide or outfitter who is licensed. You can get information on how to acquire the license from Natural resources and other relevant centers. This type of license is only usable in areas indicated therein. The hunter is required to carry a firearm under the strict adherence to the laws governing the handling of hunting firearms. The firearm should not be loaded and should be in a secure package when transporting it. This applies when one is outside the hunting jurisdiction as per the license or before and after the hunting period.

Below are more tips of what everyone ought to know about bear hunts in Canada.

The hunter is required to take the carcass of the bear for registration to a registration center. After undergoing all the registration processes the hunter, gets a copied certificate or permit. The bear identification is by tying a tag on the skin or hide.

After the hunter catches or kills the bear, they should attach a tag to the front right leg of the bear. The tag from the hunting license is the one used.

After the catch and removing of the tag, the license becomes invalid.

What everyone ought to know about bear hunts in Canada in relation to services offered in lodging sites is that they are almost similar. These services include, offering outfitters or guides, offering accommodation, offering travel arrangements and offering meals.

Hunting in Canada is an exercise worth trying. Your hunting expedition will be eventful and full of action.

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