What Everyone is Saying about New Brunswick Fall Bear Hunting

New Brunswick, Canada is rich with an increasing number of black bear population. With the arrival of the hunting season, the expectations of many hunters grow rapidly. Some people wait all year long to experience the adventure again.

The Visitors Gladly Share Their Hunting Experience of New Brunswick

When asked about the New Brunswick fall bear hunting experience, visitors share their stories with excitement. The hunt reminds them of some of the best times of their lives. Most of the hunters share their views and opinions to be bitter sweet. Sweetness lies in the wonderful experience of hunting, and the bitter experience is that it is so short, and they have to wait for the next year.

Major Points That Are Discussed for the Approaching Bear Hunting Season

  • With the approaching of the hunting season, expectations rise among the hunters who had visited the Salmon River, New Brunswick in previous years.
  • They get the chance to hunt down a larger animal than the previous bear, and make it another memorable moment of life.
  • Apart from the residents of New Brunswick, the non-residents are highly interested in the black bear hunt, which contributes greatly to the economy of the province.
  • When the news had been declared that the residents would be permitted a second license for hunting, this hiked up the interest of resident hunters as well as the non-residents to take advantage of the new bear hunt regulations.
  • The second license can only be issued after getting your first harvested bear registered. The second license would be valid for the rest of the hunting season.
  • The non-residents would have to depend on the second license availability from the outfitter directly.
  • The fall bow and fall gun season of bear hunting is greatly anticipated by residents as well as non-residents.
  • The splendid experience of using a variety of weapons like bows, and rifles makes the entire trip adventurous for any type of hunter.
  • With the guidance of professional outfitters, the hunters build up their excitement to the upcoming hunt.
  • The amount of second licenses being purchased is very reasonable showing the interest that hunters have in continuing their trip.
  • The reason behind the second license is the increase in bear numbers in these recent years, meaning that the population can sustain more loss without being thrown out of balance.
  • With continuous monitoring, the bear population is noted down and kept in balance so as to avoid overhunting.
  • New Brunswick bear hunting is widely appreciated by the hunters, which makes New Brunswick the most elegant destination for bear hunting in Canada, and perhaps the world.

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