Tricks and Tips for Bear Archery in Canada

Bear archery in Canada is a hard but incredibly rewarding experience for hunters that want to upgrade the difficulty level. As if tracking wasn’t hard enough, archery presents a spike in difficulty that may turn off a lot of beginners. But everyone had to start from somewhere, and that’s what makes it such a great experience. Here are some of the things to look forward to when it comes to bear archery, with a couple of pointers to get most people started.

When it comes to getting started, or rather established, equipment needs to be checked constantly. That’s not just because of ever changing laws, but how the game reacts to certain situations. Hunters know all about how quickly bears adapt. Keeping your equipment up to date guarantees you are adapting along with your prey. The good news is that many places offer a one stop shop with bows, materials and ammunition long before you hit the hunting grounds. In many cases you can replenish your equipment in the same place you pick out your outfitter/guide. This is done on purpose, and is what makes bear archery in Canada so fascinating. The experts want you to be successful, and always give you access to the best tools available.

So what are the best tools available? In order to avoid a hot debate, let’s stick to the facts. This is a list of some of the best brands on the market, and choosing any will net you positive results: Hoyt, Mathews, Pse, Supra, Elite, Bowtech and Bear. These are all considered top brands, with none of them being a bad choice. With all of the options available, it then comes down to personal preference and price. If you look at it that way, choosing the right bow is easier than looking for clothes to wear while hunting.

With all of the different ways to handle bear archery in Canada, the one thing to look forward to is that there will always be a choice when it comes to finding the correct equipment. It’s considered to be one of the most painless parts of bear archery, and that’s all thanks to the growing industry. Hunters will always be properly equipped, even if they leave the best stuff home. Make sure to go through each brand to find a bow that you’re comfortable with, and from there it is smooth sailing and challenging hunting.

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