The Thrill of Hunting the Canadian Black Bear

What makes the Canadian black bear so special? There are many hunters that come from across the world to hunt in Canada. That includes travelers from America that already have black bears in their region. The fascination with Canada’s furry beasts has opened up a lot of discussion with why it is the best place to hunt for them, and why they’re so favored.

One thing to note about the Canadian black bear is its personality. Specific personalities and life habits make them a better hunt than in any other country. They’re smarter, more precocious, and tend to have a sixth sense to hunters. This is both frustrating and satisfying depending on how the hunt ends. They give the best challenge, and the same simple patterns that may have fooled one bear might not work with the other. A good example of this was in Ontario where three seven foot black bears were taking down at once. These bears were able to get big because they were smarter, faster and bigger than all of the bears before them. When they met their end by the hunters, it was an epic takedown that went viral on social media. Chances are a similar story of your very own is likely, but only if you try to take on a Canadian black bear.

Habitable area is another reason the Canadian black bear is preferred. Canada offers the best cover when hunting, and in many cases the best weather. There are miles upon miles of hunting grounds that are ever changing, as the black bears move from one safe environment to the next. With a much higher chance to run into a black bear that is settled or migrating, even if you miss, there will still be other opportunities. The sheer depth of the population offers a higher kill percentage to any hunter in the area. That alone is worth favoring Canada for their black bears, yet remains one of the many reasons.

Hunters know what’s best for their own personal methods, meaning you should also follow your own needs. But there is no doubting how great hunting black bears in Canada are for hunters of all levels. The legend of the black bear in the area continues to grow, as they are intelligent and a challenge to catch. This will lead to more determined hunters, and a rounded out and fun experience for all participating.

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