The Simplest Ways to Make the Best of Bear Hunting in Canada

Sunset countries consist of freshwater lakes and boreal forests. The urban areas and cities in this part of the world are periodically developed within these forests. Therefore, bear hunting in Canada is easy as the forest area in this region is large and the Canadian bears are abundant.

People from all over the world fly to Canada to hunt bears, as the surrounding forests and lakes create an ideal habitat to grow food for the bears. Spring is the prime time for hunting bears in Canada. Here, you will find simple ways to tip the odds in your favor.

Simplest ways for hunting bear in Canada:

•    Spot-and-stalk: Stalking into the range of a mature bear is one of the most thrilling experiences that any hunter could ask for. No matter how cool and calm you are, it always brings a rush to stalk. Even seasoned hunters find that rush when closing the hunting distance. In the spring season, bears are slaves to their hunger and come out from their den in search of food items. Thus, knowledgeable hunters are building their habitats in the vegetation zones where the growth of new plants are commonly found. A good hunter builds a shelter to help them hide the best. Once you find where the bears are congregating, you can start stalking them until you find the right time to pull the trigger.

•    Baiting: It is the most preferred method used for bear hunting in Canada. Pick up the baiting site in an area where bears will find a reliable food source. You have to make the bait position set in such a manner that cautious bears will approach them from cover. However, if you want to hunt the mature bears, then you must traverse large patches of open ground at the time of legal shooting hours.

•    Calling: It is the usual strategy that professional hunters use to hunt down bears in Canada. They choose the open forest in order to find the feeding bears and then carefully plan to bring the bears into shooting position.

•    Firepower: Bears can grow to massive sizes; therefore, you need to bring some hefty firepower with you for bear hunting in Canada. A heavy bullet is preferred when hunting bears, as you should aim to hit the right shoulder, and that heavier bullet will help to create a larger wound channel. The shoulder is important because it is a weak spot for these bears. A solid hit will in essence incapacitate them, making follow up shots easier and cleaner. As well, many vital organs are in line with the shoulder, making it easier to kill on the first shot.

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