The journey to and from Canadian bear hunting

Canada is one of the wildest bear hunting destinations in the world. The scenery, nature and landscape are an adventure for every hunter. As you plan to go to Canada for your bear hunting, you will need to make more appropriate preparations. This will entail the gears/equipment to use, means of transport, the necessary documentations and the process of coming from Canada with your harvest. You must also consider training on your shooting skills before you travel for Canadian bear hunting. What is the purpose of going there if you do not have the relevant shooting skills?

There are several types of documents which are required for one to travel to Canada. There are procedures to be followed when entering or leaving Canada. You can enter and leave Canada by air, water and land. When traveling by air the following processes will apply. As you are airborne you will be required to fill a declaration card/form. This card shows your belongings information and your intent of visiting. There is always an attachment guiding on how to fill in the details. After completing, dispose the instruction slip and hand over the card.

After leaving the airplane, go to the checkpoint offices. Please keep ready the declaration and all other relevant documentation. After paying for all the required taxes and duty, you must now proceed to another checkpoint. Please have your declaration and relevant receipts ready. Also be ready for some few questions and examination of your luggage and other belongings.

When traveling by land, the border checkpoint officer will peruse your travel documents and any other additional documentation. You will also be required to verbally declare your possessions. As you enter by boat, you will be required to call the nearest CBSA center to be cleared. You can use the nearby marine telephone booth to call or sometimes your cellular phone. All in all remember to abide by the law or you could be arrested. Parents are advised to carry the necessary documents when traveling with their children. The parents should make sure they travel in one vehicle as they enter the checkpoint. To make your Canadian bear hunting a success, please abide by the above procedures.

As you plan to go back home, you will be required to fill a declaration form to show that you are the owner of the harvest. You will be required to produce the hunting license of Canada plus the tag to show the legality of the trophy. The trophy can also be shipped with an extra fee. For a U.S citizen, one will be required to fill the U.S 3-177-1 for fish and wildlife. This form shows that they are the owners of the trophy and allows importation of the carcass from Canada. You will be required to have with you all other relevant documentation for your travel.

Equipped with the above information, you are now ready for Canadian bear hunting. Research well before you plan to visit Canada for your hunting adventure.

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