The Differences in Bear Hunting Seasons in New Brunswick

Knowing how seasons affect the way you hunt will help in determining the best time to plan a trip. Bear hunting seasons in New Brunswick tend to tip toe a fine line when it comes to experience. Hunters from all around the world can tell you how different things are in certain areas, and may even offer some advice on their favorite New Brunswick hunting grounds. Factoring in seasons when going bear hunting in Canada is more helpful than you think.

Spring is great for enjoying the lush landscape of New Brunswick. Everything in view is beautiful, and it is also the best season to hunt. Natural food is bountiful in the spring season meaning that more bears are available for the kill. Your chances of coming away successful doubles in this season with the prospect of groups of bears. It’s also easy to see your prey in their natural habitat with less places for them to hide, and better footing while you track. Consider spring the beginner/intermediate level for hunting bears. Now when you want a big challenge, then the fall season becomes one of the best bear hunting seasons in New Brunswick.

Fall can be described as the hard/expert level for hunters that want to up the challenge. The fall season changes the way you track your prey, and in many instances you will alert them long before getting close. Don’t be surprised if it becomes difficult to get a clean shot off. Bear hunting seasons in New Brunswick are available for all levels, and there is no doubt that Fall is one of the best. Even the equipment you wear is different, and should be catered to the season you’re hunting in. You will no doubt use your entire arsenal of skills to hunt in the fall months, so make sure to bring your ‘A’ game!

No matter which season you choose to participate in, there are a lot of pros and few cons for each. Find out which one suits your style the most and plan a trip to New Brunswick. And don’t be afraid of the fall hunt, as that is nothing more than a good reason to sharpen your hunting skills.

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