The Alpha Bear Hunter and His Tools

There is a difference between a regular bear hunter and the alpha bear hunter. This isn’t based on gender, and it isn’t based on pedigree and professionalism. What separates the two are the tools that they use, and their master of them. While this simplistic approach to deciding what a real alpha bear hunter is may take some people by surprise, there are many trademarks that point to the tools. Not only do the tools act as a gateway into the mind of the hunter, they also point to superior kill ability in any situation.

An alpha bear hunter knows how to hunt with both a bow and a gun. Some hunters have a preference, with the bow being the choice if you want a challenge. But the alpha hunter understands how important it is to be a master of both, and not one. They are masters with both types, and have accessories that personalize both weapons to their liking. With a little tweaking here and there, they also scout out trips in advance since it will decide just how much tweaking their weapon needs. This means that an alpha hunter is never unprepared when it is time to hunt their prey.

Some key points to mention with an alpha bear hunter is that they don’t shoot at the first bear they see. Patience is key, as they want the best of the best. Many pass on 3-6 bears a hunt just to get a clean shot at the biggest and most mature bear in the area. Not only are the mature bears hard to catch, but they usually lead to challenging kills. You don’t get to be a mature bear in the woods without having a certain amount of savvy and luck after all.

The last thing that makes up the majority of alpha bear hunters is their ability to adapt to change. This is important when it comes to masking scent, mixing up bait and even changing spots. The only stubborn bone in an alpha hunter’s body is the one that refuses to let a target get away. Once a black bear that interests the hunter is in sight, the next time you see it will be with the hunter taking a photo while standing over its body. This is the dominance of the alpha hunter that everyone loves. Partnering up with one makes for a fun hunt as it guarantees the most spectacular kill!

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