Ten New Brunswick Spring Bear Hunting Tips You Need to Know

Throughout New Brunswick, hunting of black bears is performed during fall and spring seasons. This is generally because hunters will achieve some of the most fun hunting experiences during this seasonal period of time.

Top-10 new Brunswick spring bear hunting tips:

  1. Know the rules and regulations: There are particular set of rules and regulations you must follow in order to hunt bears in New Brunswick. By following these, you will get to know when and how New Brunswick spring bear hunting can be done.
  2. Call a bear into your trap: To see a bear on TV pales in comparison to seeing it in real life in the wild. There is a danger to the amazement. Don’t allow yourself to be seen, or else you’ve put yourself in a potentially fatal spot. Draw the bears into your trap, that way you can remain concealed and safe.
  3. Read the sign: Besides bear calling, you must try different methods to bring the bears into range. Spend ample amounts of time learning how to identify bear sign so that you can effectively make the New Brunswick spring bear hunting.
  4. Always watch your back: Know what is in your surrounding area. If you keep your hunt close to your camp, you eliminate the unknown aspects of your surroundings by knowing at least one direction is clear from bears. Another helpful tip would be to bring a friend. This way, you can both cover each other and remain safe from a potential sneaking bear.
  5. Draw them out: Blow a rabbit distress call to motivate bears to come out of their dens. Continue the call process until bears move some miles away from their dens. You do this to give yourself a large enough space in which to aim accurately and pull the trigger more safely.
  6. Make the shot count: New Brunswick spring bear hunting is not like hunting a deer, so you should take as much time as necessary to perform a good shot.
  7. Hunt down the food source first: It is the key to any successful bear hunt. Tracking down the food sources of bears will give you a larger opportunity of seeing multiple bears without having to spend long periods of time stalking or calling.
  8. Take note of the weather: The main thing that helps bears is their smelling ability. Make use of this knowledge by staying downwind of the bears to help you in New Brunswick spring bear hunting.
  9. Always try to be comfortable: If you want, you can set up the temporary habitat for yourself right above a tall, strong tree and make yourself concealed. By doing so, you’ll get the desired comfortable resting spot, as well as giving you a more relaxed shot.

10.  Gear up with perfect hunting equipment: It is the essential for a novice. It is easy to get excited and forget key tools. Make sure you have all of the necessary equipment to have a safe and efficient hunt.

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