Ten Innovative Approaches to Improve Your Black Bear Hunting

Have you planned a trip to New Brunswick Canada for this Spring or Fall? If so, you are set to try your fortune at black bear hunting in New Brunswick Canada! Is it your first time or you have tried your hand before? Did you succeed or not? If not, then below are a few innovative approaches for improving your strategy of black bear hunting:

  1. Every hunter must have a special trick to bring the black bears into the target zone. The more of these tricks that you have, the more likely you are to succeed.
  2. A simple, logical way is baiting, through which you are planning to lure the bears with food or an attractant. The high carbohydrate foods or other high starch containing foods are loved by black bears to store fat for their winter hibernation.
  3. You should carry multiple sets of clothing to switch out routinely when hunting. The black bears are great for detecting odours, and will be able to smell sweaty clothes, so it’s wise to be able to switch out to some fresh clothes to avoid this.
  4. Avoid wearing clothes that have been washed with scented detergents. Prefer to wash your clothes with scent-free detergents and again rewash them in plain water without any detergent. This ensures your clothes are free from any scent that is expected to get caught by the bear.
  5. Pack the clothes in plastic bags to maintain its odor free factor. Bears have a sense of smell that is 2100 times stronger than a human’s. The plastic bag will not stop this sense of smell, but it will make it harder to pick up.
  6. If you do smoke, then avoid smoking wearing the clothes you have preserved for hunting. Any unusual smell will alert the bears, making it difficult to close the gap to make a shot.
  7. You would be amazed to know that black bears love the smell of mint. You can use this to your advantage by using mint-scented soap. Shower before you go on your hunt that day, and use mint flavoured tooth paste as well to help your chances of attracting a bear.
  8. Mint flavoured gum is also a good option for you for multiple reasons. For one, it will attract the bears by the smell of the mint, and for two, if you’re a smoker, it will help you avoid the urge to smoke.
  9. Bears also have a very powerful sense of hearing when compared to humans. It is advisable to stay still when you are close to bears, or to move very slowly, taking deliberate steps.
  10. If you have any allergies or issues with a runny nose, coughing, or sneezing, make sure to take preventative measures to aid this before going out. A single sneeze can ruin an entire day’s worth of stalking.

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