The best techniques in hunting black bears

If you choose to use a feeding station when hunting black bear, do your research. Most bear hunters who use feeding stations are highly serious about their hunting.

If you’ve ever seen bears eating at the dump, you’ll notice that they choose breads, pasta, pastries and any carbohydrates they can find.

To prepare a feeding station, you’ll want to load it with these same kinds of foods that attract them most. While the bears will realize these are human foods and will still desire to prevent contact with humans, many can’t resist this temptation.

Before you choose to use a feeding station, be sure to check the regulations for hunting black bear to determine if this technique is legal in the region you plan to hunt.

Spot and stalk hunting is another strategy that works well for bears. This approach works especially well in the coastal areas. The key to successful spot and stalk hunts is to spot the bear before he spots you.

This tactic is very successful in the fall when bears are extra focused on discovering food than watching what is happening around them.

Watch for bear tracks close to water sources: if you find them, you know this is a good place to find your bear. Bears must drink a lot during this time to prepare for hibernation.

Calling black bears may be either very exciting or very dull. When it works, your heart is going to be pumping extremely quick as you attract nearby bears.

Make sure you position yourself where you’ve got a good field of vision- the last thing you want is to be surprised by a hungry bear.

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