Choosing the Right Black Bear Hunting Outfitter & Preparing For Your Trip

By James Mann

With there being endless black bear hunting outfitters to choose from, the task of selecting the right outfitter can prove to be difficult. Communicating with others that have had hands-on experience with an outfitter is by far the most effective way of finding the proper outfitter for you. The second most influential way is via the Internet.

Below are some key questions you should ask any bear hunting outfitters so that you select the right outfitter to suit your ideal black bear hunting trip:

1. How many hunters / non-hunters per week?

2. Lodging / Sleeping Quarters – How many persons per room and description of accommodation?

3. What are some examples of your daily meals for the week?

4. Do they have laundry facilities?

5. What is the allowed arrival and departure times?

6. How many un-hunted active black bear hunting bait sites do you provide per hunter? Can I be moved if desired?

7. Descriptions of their tree stand set up and bait sites?

8. Do they provide transportation to and from the bait sites?

9. What are the hunting departure and pick-up times and how long after dark is the last hunter picked up?

10. Is morning black bear hunting offered if desired?

11. Will the outfitter be on the premises all week?

12. Is the outfitter accommodation licensed?

13. How many hunters per guide and per vehicle on departure to the site?

14. If I harvest my black bear early in the week what type of recreation are available? (ie: fishing, other hunts, near by towns or cities, etc…)

15. What type of practice range do you offer for both bow & rifle?

16. If my weapon malfunctions, is there a local archery or rifle shop near by?

17. Once I have harvested my black bear, where will it be registered? Who will skin and cut the meat? Is there a freezer on site? Is there a local taxidermist and do they provide a price list?

18. References from both successful & non-successful black bear hunters?

19. Are there any additional fees?

All of the above questions take time to be answered, but the right black bear outfitter should be glad to supply you with any or all of those answers. Once you have found an outfitter you feel happy and comfortable with, it is time to start preparing for your black bear hunting trip.

Preparing For Your Black Bear Hunting Adventure

To be fully prepared, have your outfitter send you a list of important things to take along for your weeks stay. Here are a few examples of items that I believe have made for better hunting experiences:

* Passport and proper identification for border officials

* Bug Suit (if hunting during bug season)

* Two-way Radios

* Clothes for all weather conditions (hot, cold, rain, etc…)

* Snack food items

* Camera

* Compact foldable soft weapon cases

* Cooler & Meat Bags

* Knife & Tool Kit

* Non-scented soaps, shampoos, etc…

There is one final very important note to mention. Have your outfitter send you a non-resident firearm declaration for you to prepare in advance. They take about 20 minutes to fill out at home, but will save you time with custom and border officials. Remember that all rifles will need to be removed from their respected cases, so don’t have them buried under your luggage and hunting gear.

For Black bear hunting that isn’t in your own backyard you need to know questions that you should be asking any bear hunting outfitters and you also need to be sure you bring all the things that will make your black bear hunting trip an experience to remember. Big Paw Outfitters will answer all your questions and just ask they will even send you the list of what you need.

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