Survival Guide for Bear Hunting Trips

Bear hunting trips are not all about having the necessary tools on hand. It comes down to multiple things, all of which can make the difference between a successful hunt and a bad one. Some of the more difficult hunts take place by way of the hunter, handicapping themselves as a way to make the challenge more appealing. Gamesmanship aside, forgetting ammo for your rifle would not be one of those situations. A seasoned hunter will be prepared before hunting season arrives, and on the day of, already be a step ahead of his prey.

As boring as it may sound to beginners, bear hunting trips start with scouting. It can be tempting to skip this portion and go in ignorance, but by doing so you are missing out on a key survival option. Animals are creatures of habit, and knowing their patterns in the respective environment puts you at a huge advantage. Scouting is such an integral part of the trip that most experienced hunters do it weeks before the hunt even starts. So it’s no surprise that their kill ratio is higher and efficient compared to those that choose to wing it. On a side note, scouting will also give you an idea of how busy the area is with other hunters, and if there are other viable options.

Sight, sound and smell will be major points to focus on when on one of your bear hunting trips. Out of all of the animals on earth, black bears have the best sense of smell. And if for some reason that wasn’t impressive enough, they have the ability to taste the air with an additional organ in their mouth. Giving off the wrong scent will keep your prize away from you for the entire hunt, so plan accordingly. That includes avoiding sudden movements or clothes that rustle when they move.

The last tip is important, but may not be what most expect. Understand the bear hunting laws of whatever place you’re in. Surviving a bear hunting trip can go perfect up until the point you’re fined for breaking a law. Hunting laws vary from place to place, so do your due diligence and reprise yourself. This is another reason why scouting is important! Keeping this tip handy along with the others will make for a pleasurable hunt where everybody wins.

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