Pros of Hunting a Bear with a Bow

Hunting bear with a bow can be a rewarding process for the more adventurous hunter. There is a large learning curve to consider when hunting black bears with a bow. This same difficulty is both appreciated and loved by veteran hunters, as it evens the playing field. As ridiculous as it sounds, for the professional hunter gun hunting is basically bringing a tank to a fist fight. You already know you’re not going to miss, because well you’re just that dang good! There are times where a gun is preferable to a bow, yet using a bow just feels right for some reason.

Getting up close and personal when hunting bear with a bow is something that only some people understand. That extra special moment when you are this close to a kill and can smell it! There is extra preparation and scouting that comes when using a bow instead of a gun. Due to the extra planning you are less likely to forget something important to bring on your trip. Bow hunters also get to be more selective with their spots, leading to better selection overall when trying to make a big decision on a trip.

There is a certain sense of completion or accomplishment when killing with a bow. You did all of the hard work and earned a good kill, and didn’t take the easy way out. Missing when hunting a bear with a bow doesn’t sting the pride at all. Missing with a gun is a huge hit to the pride, since it is rare and really shouldn’t happen for a good shooter. Rarely anyone gets a confidence hit when missing with a bow, and in the end it turns out to be a valuable learning experience. Some legendary hunts have actually ended with the hunter getting another shot at a bear that got away before!

One of the best parts about using a bow is the amount of add-ons and accessories that can be purchased. There are no two bear hunting bows the same, and it offers a level of personalization that is beyond guns. The accessories also tend to be cheaper than with any other bear hunting weapon, allowing you to load up on specific ammo or backups. Having options makes the hunt more intriguing, so just tailor the weapon to the task at hand. In the end it is all about the experience provided, something that trumps everything else.

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