Packing Smart for New Brunswick Spring Bear Hunting

Seasons change, and so do requirements. When packing for New Brunswick spring bear hunting, it’s important to take the right equipment. It’s also important to make the right decisions before you even finalize your trip. Having everything in order when you want to hunt during spring will make hunting easier. Now if you want a challenge (along with some frustration) then don’t prepare at all!

Rules during the spring for hunting are different than rules for the fall. This applies strictly to bear hunting in certain parts of Canada. Knowing these rules ahead of time will make sure that your New Brunswick spring bear hunting trip isn’t a disaster full of broken regulations. For beginning hunters, this isn’t as vital as the way you hunt. Bears react to different conditions and know how to use their environment for an advantage. Since you’ll be out of your comfort zone away from the camp, having a good feel of the surroundings is vital. That includes watching your back while also knowing the more heavily populated areas. Once you get to the point where you know the area well enough to navigate your way back to camp without help, then that is when the real hunt begins. So the rule of thumb is to always pack equipment for navigational purposes until you get the hang of the area.

Deer hunting is more forgiving to the bad shooter. When it comes to bears in the spring time, their activity level is higher. There is more natural food in the habitat since it is spring time, meaning there are more chances to score a big haul. Having extra ammo is always a plus, so whenever in doubt always bring extra ammo. Being in a can’t miss situation with one bullet is not going to make things easier for anyone interested in New Brunswick spring bear hunting. Lastly, the most important thing to remember to pack is clothes/additional scents. Bears are smart, so giving away your position from being downwind is not going to be a good notch on your hunting belt.

Everyone has their own set of supplies that they pack when it comes to hunting in Canada. Having good navigational equipment, clothes with extra scents and extra ammo will help you in any time of crisis. Hunting for bears should be good sporting game, and not a gamble that frustrates you due to the odds.

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