New Brunswick Moose Draw Myths

One of the perks of living in New Brunswick is the Big Game Draw programs. There have been a lot of different variations of the program since the 70’s, with all of them guaranteeing a balanced opportunity hunters participating in the New Brunswick moose draw. There are a lot of myths that have popped up about the program and how the license is acquired. Some of the biggest myths are busted here, and it’s only the beginning.

The application deadline for New Brunswick moose draw is year round and never expires-false. There are draw dates put into place depending on your area. They list important draw dates with an application deadline and a notification deadline. The most important date (that is sometimes universal) is when the application forms and guides for the next year is available, which usually lands on April of that year. Always check the website of the area you want the license in for updated information so that none of these deadlines sneak up on you.

A New Brunswick moose draw is only for residents- false. This myth is the most alarming, but is somewhat true. Non-resident hunters have to meet certain conditions to be considered for the draw. There are strict conditions tacked on, but it is a worthwhile investment for those interested. This includes different dates for the questionnaires, reports of hunting activity and seasonal validations. The most glaring difference between a resident and nonresident when it comes to a draw is the fees. For a non-resident, fees are marked up 300% compared to normal prices. It’s more than worth the value, especially when you consider that you are taking a spot away from a local that’s been waiting for years.

Mail will still be used to notify applicants that were picked for the moose draw-false. The New Brunswick government announced earlier in the year that moose draw results are defaulting to online only, by going online and inputting your outdoors card number. This has resulted in a lot of angry hunters, with a few ignoring the announcement and waiting for their results in the mail.

There will always be myths, which is why it pays to be well informed. The New Brunswick moose draw is an exciting opportunity for all those who choose to participate. Just don’t get too wrapped up with the false information and keep on top of all the important things to keep you in the hunt.

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