Laws governing bear hunt in Canada

There are several laws relating to a bear hunt in Canada. Before you embark on your hunting adventure, please consult the firearms licensing, legal hunting age, the kind of bear to kill and all other laws governing a bear hunt in Canada. Disobeying or ignoring those laws, may land you in jail, be deported or your belongings being confiscated. You can visit the relevant licensing agencies to know more about hunting laws.

For Canadian citizens, one must have a firearms hunting license from the firearms licensing offices. You will need to have a hunting license from your province (PHL). There are two types of firearms licenses in Canada. The licenses are for different categories of gun holders. We have the following firearm licenses; restricted possession only, minors and possession/acquisition firearms licenses. For one to acquire these licenses, a certain fee is required. The expiry period is five years and each type requires different obligations. For a borrowed firearm, one should be under the guidance/supervision of the licensed gun holder.

For non- residents, you will need to fill a declaration form at the entry point before an officer of customs. This form legalizes you to enter Canada with your firearms. A continuation sheet declaration will be necessary for firearms exceeding three. For those coming without firearms and intent to borrow, an acquisition/possession license (PAL) is necessary. They must have a provisional firearms borrowing license.

It is important to note that no hunting is permissible in government-protected parks. The authorities do not allow hunting when the animals are in water. There are laws, which are enforceable by the federal government and others by the local provincial authorities. Remember each province has its own hunting regulations therefore, it is important to liaise with the local provincial administration.

Canadian laws allow non-residents to enter with their hunting dogs in Canada. The non-resident should produce a valid vaccination certificate on rabies. The following details should be included in the certificate.

1. The validity of the vaccine should be visible in the certificate if not; automatically the vaccine is for one year. The name of the vaccine and serial number should be in the certificate.

2. The description of the dog i.e. weight, breed and color.

If you are visiting Canada for black bear hunting, make sure to contact the relevant authorities on laws governing a bear hunt in Canada. This will make your visit fruitful and very enjoyable. Once you follow these laws, be assured of a thrilling and adventurous hunting mission in Canada.

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