It is all about the bear hunting in Canada

Bear hunting in Canada is one of the most exciting and thrilling undertaking. However to be a successful bear hunter, you must familiarize yourself with all the procedures concerning bear hunting in Canada. Remember it is all about the bear hunting in Canada, so knowing how, where and when to hunt is very important. The kind of equipment you will use also is of paramount importance. To be on top of the game, equip yourself with the relevant hunting guides at your disposal. It is very important to know about the area you intend to go on hunting. The guide companies on ground have an upper hand in knowing the area and the type of bears found there. Not only do these area guides assist in knowing the area but also they can always offer logistical support when needed. Hiring these guides on a complete package has very many advantages.

These guides can offer the following services.

1. Offering the best positions/ strategies to beat the bears, know all surrounding advantage. Bears have a very high understanding of their surroundings. It will only require an experienced person to beat them on this. The guides know all the tactics.

2. The guides can provide cold storage facilities for your catch such as freezers.

3. They can offer transport facilities.

4. The guides can provide bear stands and bear hunting equipment.

Things worth noting before embarking on a bear hunting mission in Canada

For a foreigner travelling to Canada a passport, visa and an ETA (electronic travel authorization) will be required. However, hunters from the United States of America and many European countries do not require a Visa.

It is all about the bear hunting in Canada therefore Canadian laws on firearms are applicable. Canada prohibits the use of handgun while hunting. However, you can use other types of guns while hunting in Canada.

There are two main methods of hunting in Canada namely Bow hunting and Riffle hunting.

How to draw the bear’s attention

1. You can call the bears through different imitational sounds. These sounds will always draw the attention of the bears.

2. Putting bait, this is one of the most preferred, successful and commonly used method. You can position the bait in an area, which has huge forest cover. Bears try to avoid open areas in order to avoid hunters. The bait should be any food eaten by bears and should not be smelly.

It is all about the bear hunting in Canada therefore to succeed you will need to acquaint yourself with Canadian forests. The sceneries in Canada make bear hunting enjoyable and thrilling.

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