Important gears for black bear hunting in Canada

Black bear hunting in Canada can be an adventurous event if you are fully prepared. There are some basic essentials which should be in your must have list as you plan to go for black bear hunting. It is advisable to check out with friends who have been there before to know the basic hunting gears required. Better still you can search in the internet for the latest hunting gear to make your journey a success. Please consider the following gears as you plan to go for black bear hunting in Canada.

1. Gumboots with internal leather lining. Canada has a lot of water especially during spring season. During this time, rivers, lakes, springs and many areas are flooded. To avoid hurting yourself or even be unable to accomplish your mission, you need to have a pair of hunting gumboots. Try to look for the latest design with leather lining interior to keep you warm. Remember these should not be the ordinary up to the knee high gumboots but up to the thigh high gumboots. This will enable you to cross deep waters without difficulties.

2. Carry a standby hunting stand/ ladder. Though most outfitters will have stands sometimes, their stands may be outdated or not fit for hunting missions. To be on top of the game carry an adjustable stand to use just in case. This will give you an advantage in beating black bear’s psychology of know how of the local built in stands near the bait.

3. If you are hunting bear with a bow, ave an easy to use bow holder. This is an essential requirement because the bears come fully aware that there is an eminent danger. If not equipped with the right bow holder, you can miss your target. There are several easy to use bow holders in the market and you only need to get the right match for your mission.

4. Good supply of wear and consumables. Sometimes weather can be tricky therefore this requires being ready for the unexpected. Having the right wear will make you wait for the black bears comfortably whether it rains or not. You might be forced to wait longer than expected for the right catch hence the need to have the right wear to see you through.

5. Carry with you head nets. As you are aware Canadian hunting areas are bushy and flooded therefore a lot of mosquitoes. The black bear hunting in Canada can turn out to be a painful adventure due to mosquito bites.

6. Carry with you binoculars or range finders to help you locate entry points of black bears from a long range. This gives you an added advantage as you can adequately prepare yourself as the bear approaches.

It is for your own good to equip yourself with the necessary hunting gear. Do you want to go for black bear hunting in Canada and come home smiling? Then this is the right approach for you.

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