Hunting Black Bears in Salmon River Interview Video

When asked in a black bear hunting interview video, Hal Kilfillen talks a lot about his experiences. His favourite pastime is hunting black bears at Salmon River in New Brunswick Canada. Hal happens to be the owner and operator of the Salmon River Bend Outfitters. He talks about how 90% of the time, hunters in this area will see a bear.

Salmon River, New Brunswick has a diverse array of tropical flora and fauna, beautiful scenery and attractive lodging facilities that make bear hunting more attractive. Hal stays there along with his kids and family, likening it to home. Being associated with the place for more than 25 years, Hal loves the land and the people greatly. He feels that everyone around him is like family.

The black bear hunting interview video shows that hunting for Hal has been a long time hobby of his. He frequently makes time to go out on hunting trips, as well as to help train other hunters. He never loved a job more than he loves this one, and knows that there are ups and downs to it, like every job, but feels that the positives heavily outweigh the negatives.

Black bears, according to Hal, are hunted in the months of May and June. Moreover, states that spring hunts are done during 1500 hours and 2130 hours. When it comes to the legal point of view, he makes it clear that a hunter can only harvest two bears a year. Along with that, the people coming in from other parts of the world will need to have a proper Wildlife Management Zone guide that will train them in the process.

The lodging camps in Salmon River Bend are equipped with several luxuries like patio decks, televisions, internet services, and refrigerators.  Each house is complete with 4 meals a day, made of mouth-watering food, according to Hal. There is something for everyone at the lodge, including those who wish not to participate in hunting.

Hal states that apart from Black bears, there are whitetail deer and moose that live in the area, which are fun to watch from a distance. There are also fishing facilities for those who favour a rod over a rifle.

For more detail watch the black bear hunting interview video below.

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