How to Fill Out a Non-Resident Canadian Firearms Declaration Form

Any traveler that wants to get through the non-resident Canadian firearms declaration form should be prepared for some of the questions. They aren’t out of the ordinary for anyone that’s owned weapons before, but they should be answered correctly the first time. Like all official forms, putting in the wrong information could delay you from an enjoyable hunting experience in Canada. Here are some of the things you should look out for on the form so that you’ll be prepared ahead of time.

The non-resident Canadian firearms declaration form is for any non-resident that wants to bring firearms into Canada. If you want to expedite the process, instead of having the form emailed to you (or downloading it) you can get pre-processed at several customs offices, airport entry points and even land border entry points. Checking ahead of time for the most up to date information will be essential in getting it done fast and avoiding mistakes. Before even considering this, the user must be at least 18 years old to even bring the firearm into Canada. And of course, class restrictions are still important when it comes to the rights of the individual user’s possession of said firearms.

Now when it comes to the form itself, prepare to use a ballpoint pen with legible writing. Avoid the shaded areas on the form while also paying close attention to the back of the declaration- most questions are answered clearly before you even have to seek out extra help. If you tend to visit Canada a lot for hunting, then there is an alternative form that will be of better use. It is called the Non-Resident Firearm Declaration – Continuation, and is different from the non-resident Canadian firearms declaration form that has strict time limits. Offering a full five year license, it gets rid of the hassles of going through this process each time you want to go to Canada and hunt.

Having all of your ducks in a row before getting to your hunt will prevent having to worry about delays. Everything about the process is straightforward and is made to make the use of firearms in Canada a breeze for non-residents. The Firearms Act exists for a reason, so make sure to abide by all laws and regulations. There is an official website to visit with all of this information, so if anything changes you won’t be taken by surprise. Hunting is a lot better when all of the official motions are out of the way!

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