How to Best Utilize the Black Bear Bow in New Brunswick

The plentiful game to take down with a black bear bow is in full action during the spring season in New Brunswick. When using a stand, expect to be about 20 or more yards from the target, so adjust accordingly. In fact adjusting is the hardest part, and not shooting like everyone would have you believe. Prices are also not a concern, as black bear bows have become quite a competitive market. That competition has led to a lot of innovation, but even the best equipment won’t have an effect unless you are utilizing it properly for the hunt.

Hunting with a black bear bow takes skill, and even with the correct skills the wrong shot can get taken. This is because the spot to aim on a black bear is difficult compared to other types of game. Besides being a large blob of black fur, they come in different sizes and can stand on their hind legs. A bears vitals can be missed if you hesitate, and even if you hit it expect them to scurry off for a few miles before dying. Knowing all the angles and the level of penetration you can make will all but guarantee a good hit. There are plenty of black bear targets in New Brunswick, but that doesn’t mean you get a shot at all of them!

When purchasing a black bear bow don’t focus too much on how light or heavy it is. When it all comes down to it, hunting black bears with your bow will come down to execution more than the actual equipment. If you’re comfortable with lighter equipment, then adjust accordingly with targets. Knowing the black bear anatomy and penetrating them consistently is the goal. With enough kinetic energy you could even pierce your target from over 40 yards away. This is bow supremacy at its finest, and a level that any hunter would be proud to boast about.

Many love New Brunswick for the variety of areas in their black bear hunting. While other hunters may use guns or other weapons, black bear bows are still popular since the skillset is hard to master. Even the greatest bow won’t do you any good in hunting if the attached stabilizer doesn’t do its job. To utilize the more advanced features of your weapon, then the stabilizer has to be top notch. So when choosing to splurge on any part of the bow, make sure the stabilizer is top of the line.

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