How Long Does it Take to Master Black Bear Archery

Black bear archery isn’t something that you’re going to roll out of bed and master within a year. There is a reason that archery in the Olympics is still one of the most challenging sports to get into. So how long does it take to master such a versatile weapon as the bow? And an even better question is, would the time you put into it be worth the training? Most of the hunting skills you learn with a bow are not associated with aiming.

Finding the size that you’re most comfortable with is the first step. While a lighter bow will be easier to hold, it’ll also be harder to draw. Modern bows are more efficient in design, so faster bows have a lot less problems than they used to. This doesn’t mean you want to go out and get the heaviest available, or even one that is just easy to hold. The key is to get a bow that you’re comfortable holding for long periods of time. A good black bear archery bow will be an extension of your arm, so when it comes time to use it you don’t even realize you’ve been carrying it for hours.

Black bear archery lives and dies with accuracy. Get targets, and practice your stance. Some bow shooters have been using an incorrect stance and posture for years. This bad habit will ultimately affect accuracy to the max, especially with moving targets. A correct stance with good breathing gives more room for being slightly off accuracy, whereas a bad stance will punish the user. And when it comes to hunting targets like black bears, you need as much aiming forgiveness as possible. It is a skill that takes practice and just a little bit of luck.

Learn the importance of penetration, and also your max shooting distance. Usually 40 yards is the max, but your distance as you get better may be a lot shorter. Remember that you want to find the yardage that gives you max penetration when firing at a target. So while one hunter may be comfortable at the 40 yard mark, you may find your skills are more suited for 30 yards. No matter how much better at the bow you are compared to the next guy, if it isn’t penetrating the hide then it is a wasted shot. Find your limitations, so that over time you can eventually conquer them.

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