How Big are Black Bears in New Brunswick

Just how big are black bears in New Brunswick? You’re talking about the juiciest black bears in the world when it comes to hunting. These oversized baddies are why people come to the area during the hunting season. Bred specifically for size rather than quantity, there really is no other experience like it. This isn’t like hunting large moose or deer, but an entirely different experience altogether. With New Brunswick as the stomping grounds, it still remains one of the least crowded areas. This is an important fact for people that want to hunt in the area and don’t want to be burdened by bumping into fellow hunters.

The year of 1972 still holds the record for the biggest black bear in the area. Undressed it was 1,100 pounds and almost 8ft. long. Since then there hasn’t been a bear that big-at least on record. The question of how big are black bears of today comes up often, and the stats still surprise. Records keep popping up year to year which is amazing since the sport is now considered mainstream. This is a nod to the breeding abilities of New Brunswick that they keep pumping out large black bears.

This is also in contrast to areas outside of New Brunswick that has average sized bears in larger quantities. The bigger quantities may be interesting to new hunters that lack the patience to hunt, but are of no use to the seasoned bear hunter. The quality over quantity argument wins out in the New Brunswick area. For a more satisfying hunt with a sense of accomplishment, a larger more mature black bear is preferred over the run of the mill average sized black bear.

Hunters that follow a rich tradition will usually point you to Canadian areas for a reason. These larger accomplishments aren’t easy to come by, and are some of the most fun you will have as a hunter. And adding to the mystique is how hard it is to gauge a black bears size while in the field. It makes the whole experience a better challenge, as you know you’ll get a shot at easing closer to a world record.

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