How 10 things will change the way you approach Canadian black bear hunts

As you plan to visit Canada for your hunting expedition, there are things you should familiarize with. Canada boasts of high numbers of black bears and draws many hunters both locally and internationally. For avoidance of hiccups and delays during your Canadian black bear hunts, please liaise with the relevant authorities. Some issues of concern should be, travel documents, travel costs, relevant licenses, outfitters and other basic requirements.

Below are 10 things you should know in relation to Canadian black bear hunts.

1. To enter in Canada you will be required to have your original passport, so plan to have your passport ready before your intended visit to Canada. The details are accessible online or if you wish to have it fast, you can use carrier services. Make sure your passport is six months or more before expiry, when you enter Canada. Remember you might be required to produce your passport by Canadian authorities anytime therefore, carry your passport always.

2. You will make a declaration of your firearms. Make sure you declare all the firearms under your possession before you enter Canada. Please fill the declaration form before you reach the firearms offices. Append your signature at the licensing offices for the licensor to witness.

3. To process your firearm declaration forms, you will be required to pay 25 Canadian dollars. You can also pay using your automated cards such as American express, master card or visa.

4. There are some firearms, which the Canadian authorities do not allow for hunting. It is therefore of paramount importance to liaise with Canadian firearm licensing authorities for guidance.

5. Remember to obtain and fill the relevant customs forms from the United States before you travel. These forms will show what was under your possession and the value. Not adhering to this condition might have serious tax and legal implications as you come out of Canada.

6. To come out with your harvest from Canada, you will be required to fill the fish and wildlife forms. These forms indicate you as the importer or owner of the harvest.

7. There is also the issue of having the Canadian license for hunting which gives you access to hunting sites in Canada. Without this license, the authorities will not allow you to participate in a hunting mission.

8. You cannot go for black bear hunting alone. Remember to enlist the services of professional outfitters.

9. Any conviction in the past can deny the opportunity to visit Canada.

10. For hunters who are not eighteen years of age, they will need to be under the supervision of person above eighteen years of age while hunting. However, the person should have a written authority from the guardian or parent. All other legal requirements for Canadian black bear hunts shall apply.

Having sorted the above you are now ready to go for your hunting adventures in Canada.

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