Guided Bear Hunts in New Brunswick

Sometimes having someone experienced along can help with the hunt. This is mostly true for hunters that are experienced with other game but have never hunted black bears before. Guided bear hunts in the New Brunswick area are no different than in any other area. There is a huge market, with everyone trying to upsell you on why they’re the best. Depending on how involved you want them to be, the decision can be a little confusing. Understanding the basics of what takes place in guided bear hunts will narrow down your needs, and make a simple matter less complicated.

Location, location and more location. Guided bear hunts take place in specific spots that the company has scouted beforehand, which can be as little or as much as they want. So while one company may only cover 30 miles in the New Brunswick area, the company down the street may double that in the same area. The better deal is usually going to be the company that covers a wider area. You’re not going to be the only hunter on grounds, and they aren’t going to be the only guides. A wider area is a better return on investment and ensures a less crowded experience.

Pay attention to how many days are spent hunting. There is a limit to how many days are offered, and can be as little as 4 days total for the hunt. The companies in New Brunswick are very generous with lodging, transportation, skinning and other amenities. It’ll all be included in the original price, and if not will be clearly laid out in fine print. Guided bear hunts are less stressful than going on your own, although that is something that applies more to a first timer. So if you’re going for the experience and not a speed run, then try to keep your company choice to the ones that offer at least 5 days for a hunt.

Booking a company for the hunt with a nose for preparation, increases your kill chance. Many have higher recorded levels and rave reviews backing them. With such a high rate of success it’s becoming a preferred option for hunters that haven’t had previous time to scout the land. That lack of preparation leads to lower kill rates, and overall extended hunting sessions. A guided bear hunt is the great equalizer that still keeps the sporting challenge intact.

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