Guided Bear Hunts in Canada vs. Other Areas

Considered the best way to ease beginners into hunting for bears, guided bear hunts in Canada continues to be a booming business. And it’s not just for beginners, as different levels use it in order to cater to their hunting expectations for the season. Whatever the reason for using a guided hunt, there are several companies in the area that do a superb job in leading you through.

Are all guided bear hunts in Canada based on private grounds? No, but the majority are. The reason it’s important to pick one with private grounds is for control of the population and area. Managing the population of the bears in the area prevents seasons where the grounds are overpopulated and harder to hunt in. This also applies to making sure an abundance of hunters aren’t camping in one spot, and in many cases resulting in a 5:1 ratio in favor of the hunters. This is not an ideal hunting situation, and the main reason why guided hunts on private grounds are preferred. When it comes to the area, guided hunts often set up areas in advance to give hunters an advantageous position. This not only maximizes the percentage you will walk away with a kill, but it also makes it easier to handle family hunts.

The entire service is popular worldwide, which can lead to a lot of booked up reservations. That means if you want to guarantee a spot for yourself with guided bear hunts in Canada, applying early seems to be the best bet. The last thing you would want is to scramble at the last minute to find a compatible service, which could land you with a company you don’t want. Make a list of your type five guided hunt companies and start from the top down. There is absolutely nothing wrong with booking early so that your spot is guaranteed when you’re ready.

Luckily there are few companies in the area that are considered below average, so most hunters will be in good hands. But instead of leaving things to chance, take the initiative if you plan on bear hunting in Canada. Guided hunts are great for family vacations, and even better if your company is looking at a bonding exercise for the employees. And for couples, it’s a great compromise on the usual beach weekend getaway. This is an unforgettable experience that always ends with feeling like your time was well spent.

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