Five Things You Should Know Before Embarking On Canadian Black Bear Hunting

Taking on the forests of Canada to hunt down a black bear is a tedious task to do. Bears are somewhat similar to humans in that they like their routines and don’t want to move out from their dens until the temperature becomes warm.

Therefore, you have to wait for specific times to succeed in Canadian black bear hunting. Some people take bear hunting as family tradition while some take it as passionate, fun, and thrilling experience. But one thing is common in all of them: they all have to “bear” in mind five common tips. So, here we go!

Five things to ‘bear’ in mind before embarking on Canadian black bear hunting:

1.    Always do the hunting in teams: If you are hunting Canadian black bears with a friend, ask him/her to stay below to guide you towards the location of the bears via hand signals. You’ll also get the necessary support so that your mind and hand will stick to the plan. Deviating from this team plan can result in missing out on opportunities to secure a kill.

2.    Create an ideal blind spot: Choose the ideal blind spot precisely. This could give you shelter to remain hidden and to set your target. Failing to do so may spoil the entire trip of Canadian black bear hunting. So, it is advisable whenever you’re out for black bear hunting in Canada, always remain hidden, and avoid anything that may give your position away.

3.    Make the up top calling correctly: Bears frequently respond to calls when they are called from above. Thus, while you’re out hunting Canadian black bears, elevate yourself to a higher place like setting up at the top of a tall, healthy tree or elevated regions. This will allow your call to go farther, increasing the chance of a bear to respond and be attracted by it.

4.    Keep calling: Unless bears respond to your calls, stay in touch with them. Doing so, it will give you the privilege to make the clear shot. Failing to do it will move away your target from your range, and you’ll miss the chance to shoot the black bear.

5.    Never try to run from a bear: If a Canadian black bear is encountered, never try to run from the site. If you feel threatened and fear that the bear may charge, lift your arms and wave them, backing away slowly. Bears are predators, and view running as a sign of being a prey.

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