Enjoying Bear Hunts In Canada As A Group

The many guides and outfitters in Canada are a testament to why the sport is so popular in the area. Bear hunts in Canada take on an entirely different feeling than in other areas, and it’s something that stays with the dedicated hunter. Since many of the guides have their own rules and features, here is a breakdown of some of the things to look for when bear hunting as a group.

Pay close attention to whether your guide offers a group discount! There are some guides that go out of their way to discount your entire group if you bring a certain amount of people. Check up on the discount long before you plan your trip, and that way you’ll know who to bring with you. Bear hunts in Canada is the ultimate group activity, so if you’re in a situation where you want to introduce someone to the sport, this would be the best time!

Guides and outfitters will sometimes list their average bear weight and success percentage. Bear hunts in Canada are all about numbers, so if you’re not paying attention to the most important ones then it’s a missed opportunity. Take the time to crunch the numbers behind the company you want to hire to manage your group. It will pay off in both the short term and the long term, as you’ll regularly return to hiring the company during bear season.

What weapons are used when your group hunts bears? Is it primarily rifles or bow and arrow? Or a mixture of both? Some guides will work better than others when dealing with specific weapons during hunting. And in the case of there being a mixture of weapon types in the group, just call before setting up a guide and you’ll be set. All companies are very upfront when it comes to questions about their specialties, so enjoying a group bear hunt won’t become turn into a bad fit.

Of all the types of group hunts you can do in Canada, bear hunting is one of the best. The prepared customer will always have a fantastic trip with his group by being paired with the best guide/outfitter to fit their needs. And when things go as expected, don’t be surprised if your group wants to make this an annual thing! When you want to enjoy one of a kind bear hunts in Canada, there are more than enough choices to make that trip a reality.

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