Do You Need A Canadian Firearms Declaration Form?

Before you get a Canadian firearms declaration form, you must first familiarize yourself with Canadian laws on firearms. Remember there are firearms that are not permissible in Canada hence you will be required to liaise with the Canadian police before they issue you with a Canadian firearms declaration form. For Canadian residents, the normal firearms licensing procedures apply after meeting the relevant licensing requirements. Nevertheless, the provisional license for hunting in Canada does not entirely rely on Canada’s law on firearms and you will be required to meet additional procedures. Non-residents will be required to complete either oral or written declaration forms before in order to bring firearms with them.

Non-residents’ declaration forms

You will be required to fill a Canadian firearms declaration form at the entry point before you set foot in Canada. Two forms are usable for declaring firearms by non-residents. The first form is usable only when you have not more than three firearms (Non Residential Firearm Declaration). You can use the second form if you have more than three firearms (Non Residential Declaration Form Continuation Form). You should fill the form before reaching the entry point for time management. However, do not sign since a custom officer at the entry point should witness the signing. After filling and signing the form, you will be required to pay 25 dollars for the firearms listed. The officer will issue you with the valid document after you sign. This will be your provisional license for the next sixty days. The temporary license is renewable free of charge provided it is done before the lapse of sixty days. It is very simple; just contact the firearms chief licensing officer of your area.

You can alternatively get a license known as PAL (Possession and Acquisition license) which takes five years to expire. To secure this license you will be required to meet the Canadian requirements of acquiring firearms. Once you have acquired the license, you will only be required to declare your firearm orally. In case you intend to borrow a firearm, the following scenarios will apply.

1. A nonresident will be required to acquire a temporary license indicating the borrowing of the firearms.

2. If one borrows the firearms and remains under the guidance or works under the licensed owner, there will be no need of a license.

The temporary license of a borrowed firearm has several uses.

1. Take part in shooting competitions.

2. Take part in hunting missions under a qualified outfitter or guide.

3. To participate in hunting with a Canadian citizen who has the relevant documentation for hunting.

Are you intending to acquire a Canadian Firearms license or declaration form? Take the initiative; it is very easy once you meet the relevant requirements.

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