Determine the points of your trophy Whitetail Deer

How do you determine if your trophy deer hunting has been successful? Deer size is judged mostly on the “points” system, which is determined by measuring several points on the antlers. There are extremely strict regulations on measuring these points.

First of all, you have to know how many points each of the two antlers have. These will be labeled “G”, followed by a number that determines how far away the point is from the main beam. Then, you measure the spreads – there are three places of measurement here. You’ll also measure the length of all points, including abnormal points, the length of the main beam, and the length of each point.

Add to these the circumferences of various parts of the main branch, and then take out the difference in lengths between the various points. The overall total achieved is the point ranking of the deer. When you are trophy deer hunting, it is important to be aware of these measurements and what is considered a trophy sized specimen within the species you are hunting. When you have become familiar with the typical sizes and what they look like, you’ll begin to judge without a tape measure and make an estimate as to whether the buck you have in your sights is going to fit the bill.

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