Dangers of bear hunting in Canada

Canada is one of the biggest places for hunting bears. During bear season, there are hunters that attempt to bag the large one and those just curious to view the bear hunts. The danger and general excitement of the hunt is plenty to draw on the very basic components of human nature and create a buzz around bear hunting. It is a harsh reality but for the bears and for some innocent bystanders, bear hunting can create a chaotic and unfortunate scene.

It is argued by hunters that the bear population is rapidly recharging and regenerating itself, ending in the moral validity of bear hunting. In other words, there are enough bears globally and, furthermore, without bear hunting the people in certain areas would be overwrought. While this notion could be partially true, it is also important to consider that bear hunters commonly are not properly educated in the matter. Some bear hunters are not in search of purposes of thinning a specific species to maintain some sense of animal control in the area. This results in many bear hunters callously shooting at anything that moves and taking down anything that looks like a bear, paying no mind to the species or need for the bear.

For this reason, bear hunting is best left to the professionals. There are many within the wildlife communities that are presented with the undertaking of taking down the bear population by statistically represented and supported numerical values. These wildlife officials know what bears to look for and have identified the bears that are older and weaker, leaving the decision of hunting bears owing to a real representation of the bear community in a specific area and to actual natural law.

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