Common Misconceptions about Black Bear Hunting

Are you about to plan your hunting trip in New Brunswick? Black Bear hunting is one of the most favoured hunting excursions in Canada. With some of the specified rules and regulations, the large mammals are hunted down for their meat as well as fur. Most residents are familiar with the rules and regulations, and this guide assists mostly with non-residents who are unfamiliar.

Don’t Take Chances with Misconceptions

With your passion for hunting black bears, you need to know some of the misconceptions that you may have heard. These misconceptions can lead you to dangerous circumstances. As we know, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so why take chances when we can enjoy black bear hunting in a safe way. The safe way is to get registered with the best bear hunting outfitters.

Some misconceptions that may lead you towards trouble while black bear hunting

  • Bears are carnivores – This is a misconception because black bears are omnivores that have a diet composing 80% vegetation, 16% insects and 4% meat.
  • Eye power of the bear is terrible - While not as keen as that of an eagle, bears are not limited by their eyesight. They have similar sight capabilities to humans, so don’t be mistaken if you think that you can sneak up on a bear as if it was blind.
  • Bears are unable to run downhill - Black bears can run as fast as 30 miles per hour, and certainly are capable of running downhill. Bears are tuned for the wild, so don’t attempt to trick them with it.
  • Standing on the hind legs is an aggressive symbol - Bears will frequently stand on their hind legs to give themselves the added elevation for surveying their area. It’s normal, non-aggressive behaviour.
  • Play dead on the ground if encountered with a black bear- While black bears typically avoid humans, this method is not the best option. If a bear begins to charge, use whatever means available to defend against the back. A bear is less likely to continue if it feels that it might harm itself in the process.
  • Licenses aren’t mandatory - There is a required licensing system to hunt bears in New Brunswick. Without a license, you cannot legally hunt.
  • An unlimited number of bears can be hunted - Each year, up to two bears can be harvested.
  • Hunting can be done anytime - Black bear Hunting can be done only in two seasons of a calendar year. Outside of these scheduled hunting seasons, it is illegal to hunt black bears in New Brunswick.
  • The weapons can be carried loaded and ready - This may hold true in other types of hunting, but for black bear hunting, your weapon must be stowed unloaded until you arrive at your hunting spot.

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