Canada Moose Hunts In Season

Hunting black bears can be a thrilling experience, but when it comes to Canada moose hunts, it’s a whole different experience! More than a fair share of hunters have found that it takes an entirely new set of skills to hunt moose. Here are some pointers on making the best out of hunting a brand new prey.

Canada moose hunts means a change of ammunition from hunting black bears. Hunters that are used to a .308 Winchester may want to swap it out for a .338 Winchester magnum, or at least a .300 magnum. Stopping power is the winner here, and it’s something that lower caliber ammunition can’t provide. What worked wonders in your black bear hunt will only cause you to miss out on your trophy caliber game. Magnum ammunition will be the saving grace when hunting moose, and there will be plenty of situations where more experienced hunters can make even more balanced recommendations.

A different hunting season also means different ways of hunting. You may spend more time near areas where there is water. You will also have to know the difference between fresh and old moose signs. Scouting an area where there is little chance of running across any game will make any moose hunt a boring chore. Hunters should make it a point to always be near prime moose habitat, which is something that can vary wildly depending on which part of Canada you’re in. If possible, walking around the area you want to hunt a month ahead of time will show some really positive results during the season.

And the last thing to remember with Canada moose hunts is people that come late into the season will need to carry appropriate GPS equipment and maps. While bears tend to stay in some areas during all times of the year, moose will often go deeper into the forest during the late season. The additional challenge is one to look forward to, but not without preparation!

The one thing that keeps getting repeated with moose hunts is to be prepared. Once you have this put into your head there is nothing to be surprised about when the season rolls around. Have your ammunition ready and your GPS charged. And if possible, have an outfitter in mind to make the hunting season even better. All of these things combined puts you in a no lose situation when one of the best times of the year comes around.

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