Best Bear Hunting Tips You Will Read This Year

Bear hunting is not an easy task as some people may think. If not well prepared getting a big bear, could be tiresome and stressful. Remember bears have a very good sense of smell hence they may sense of your presence from very far. To succeed in your hunting expedition, you must be equipped with the best bear hunting tips. You will only be able to beat a bear if you know its strengths/weaknesses. For example, how will you beat the high sense of smell of a bear?

The following bear hunting tips will greatly increase your chances of harvesting a big mature bear.

1. Make a tree stand that is elevated and off the ground. This will give you a clear view and ample time to aim at your target. Remember bears have a strong sense of smell and hearing. They will sense even the slightest movement or scent. An off the ground tree stand offers an ideal site to attack the bear without being noticed. You should always consider the wind flow, the distance from the bait and its strength. Remember that strange movements and smell will chase away the bears.

2. Use hunting blinds to avoid scaring the bears away. The blinds minimize human scent/movements. Another important aspect of blinds is that they offer shelter during sunny or rainy days. These blinds will offer you a clear view of the bear. Make your hunting blind adaptable to the surrounding to minimize the bears curiosity. It is a bad idea to put anything edible in the blinds since bears may be tempted to come for the food remains in the blinds therefore destroying the blinds.

3. You can decide to follow the bear from a distance or trail it close to the feeding area. Make sure the wind is flowing against your front as you stalk the bear. Any human presence can scare away the bear. It is of paramount importance to move slowly and carefully to avoid the bear from sensing your movement.

4. Baiting is another common technique of attracting the attention of the bears. Once you put the right kind of bait, rest assured that bears will go for it. The most commonly used baits include meat portions, used cooking oil, oats and many others. Bears eat almost anything so just consider anything that is permissible within your locality.

The above bear hunting tips will enable you to have your first bear harvest sooner than expected. Bear hunting could be one of the most enjoyable and thrilling mission if you play the game well. However, you will stay longer than planned if you ignore the basics of bear hunting.

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