Best Bear Bow For Under $200

Finding the best bear bow for a good price can be challenging if you don’t look for specific qualities. And this isn’t just about filtering out brands, but recognizing that there are some older flagship models that can be bought for hundreds of dollars less than their actual worth. So in the end, you can still get all of the features you want, all for well under $200. As long as you don’t need to have the latest and the greatest, then the sky is the limit.

The Bear Encounter from Bear Archery is an old favorite that is supreme even against today’s best modern brands. It is a bestseller that has continued an excellence when it comes to hunting, sporting a 70 pound draw weight that is smooth and balanced. The best thing about the Encounter is that it’s still one of the quietest bows available, with a very forgiving accuracy to non-seasoned users. All of this comes at the price of customization, which is limited due to the precise specs of the bow. Hunters that want the best bear bow that requires little to no tweaking will find this a worthy buy.

Even today, the most controversial best bear bow is the PSE Rally with its great price but testy draw cycle. It takes a little getting used to (or some manual customizations) to turn it into the perfect bear bow. Buyers that want to take the time to get used to its more eccentric features will love the accuracy it sports. The PSE Rally is both heavier and longer than a lot of bows on the market, which is both a good and a bad thing. Yet the advantages far outweigh the cons when you break it in, giving you a fantastic high end bow at a fraction of the price.

Other bows to consider under $200 are the Parker Sidekick Extreme and the Mission Craze. The latter is one of the most unique looking of the bunch, but has gained a small following with beginner hunters. No matter which bear bow you end up with, saving a little extra money upfront will let you spend it on other areas of your hunting life. Because what use is a good bow without proper ammo and accessories? Get the best of both worlds by shopping smart and you’ll always be ahead of the game. Then when hunting season rolls around, be prepared for the time of your life.

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