Bear Hunting Tips For Beginners

Are you looking for bear hunting tips? Here is a good quick start guide for all aspiring bear hunters. Although you could spin the ‘beginner’ tips into an endless pamphlet, these small tips are some of the most fundamental things you can learn about the sport.

Improve your tracking skills, because bears are smarter than they look. There is a reason spot and stalk is taught as one of the top bear hunting tips for beginners. Part of this comes from scouting the area and recognizing where a hungry bear will go for food. Having knowledge as part of your hunting etiquette will put you ahead of other hunters by miles, allowing you to get a kill even on days where hunting is slow.

Check, double check and recheck your arsenal. Bring extra ammo, make sure you’ve already practiced with the gun you are going to use, and if possible bring a backup. Never bring a brand new never fired gun to a hunt. Not only is that putting you at a disadvantage, but it could also lead to careless mistakes that will make your entire hunt miserable. Think of your weapon as an extension of your arm- and you wouldn’t replace that on a whim, would you?

Guides aren’t a bad thing, and can sometimes be necessary depending on the area. There are all kinds of guides, with many comprehensive beginner bear hunting tips pointing to even professionals using them. Guides aren’t there to be training wheels, well unless you specifically request that they help! In the case where you forget something important for your trip, they can also point you to the nearest store.

But last on the beginner tip list is dress for the part! Dressing to hunt bears is an experience in its own, and includes smells and other accessories. Even the most prepared hunter can come away with nothing if their outfit and smell doesn’t match the occasion. Unlike the other things you can buy if you forget, this is the one thing you want before you leave on the trip. Being comfortable is a huge part of hunting, so if you’re second guessing your gear then it’s going to be a long trip!

Take these tips to heart when you go on your first few bear hunting trips. As long as you’re in the right mindset, then success is a possibility. And if you’re not having fun, then it’s not being done right!

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