How 10 things will change the way you approach Canadian black bear hunts

As you plan to visit Canada for your hunting expedition, there are things you should familiarize with. Canada boasts of high numbers of black bears and draws many hunters both locally and internationally. For avoidance of hiccups and delays during your Canadian black bear hunts, please liaise with the relevant authorities. Some issues of concern should be, travel documents, travel costs, relevant licenses, outfitters and other basic requirements.

Below are 10 things you should know in relation to Canadian black bear hunts.

1. To enter in Canada you will be required to have your original passport, so plan to have your passport ready before your intended visit to Canada. The details are accessible online or if you wish to have it fast, you can use carrier services. Make sure your passport is six months or more before expiry, when you enter Canada. Remember you might be required to produce your passport by Canadian authorities anytime therefore, carry your passport always.

2. You will make a declaration of your firearms. Make sure you declare all the firearms under your possession before you enter Canada. Please fill the declaration form before you reach the firearms offices. Append your signature at the licensing offices for the licensor to witness.

3. To process your firearm declaration forms, you will be required to pay 25 Canadian dollars. You can also pay using your automated cards such as American express, master card or visa.

4. There are some firearms, which the Canadian authorities do not allow for hunting. It is therefore of paramount importance to liaise with Canadian firearm licensing authorities for guidance.

5. Remember to obtain and fill the relevant customs forms from the United States before you travel. These forms will show what was under your possession and the value. Not adhering to this condition might have serious tax and legal implications as you come out of Canada.

6. To come out with your harvest from Canada, you will be required to fill the fish and wildlife forms. These forms indicate you as the importer or owner of the harvest.

7. There is also the issue of having the Canadian license for hunting which gives you access to hunting sites in Canada. Without this license, the authorities will not allow you to participate in a hunting mission.

8. You cannot go for black bear hunting alone. Remember to enlist the services of professional outfitters.

9. Any conviction in the past can deny the opportunity to visit Canada.

10. For hunters who are not eighteen years of age, they will need to be under the supervision of person above eighteen years of age while hunting. However, the person should have a written authority from the guardian or parent. All other legal requirements for Canadian black bear hunts shall apply.

Having sorted the above you are now ready to go for your hunting adventures in Canada.

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Do You Need A Canadian Firearms Declaration Form?

Before you get a Canadian firearms declaration form, you must first familiarize yourself with Canadian laws on firearms. Remember there are firearms that are not permissible in Canada hence you will be required to liaise with the Canadian police before they issue you with a Canadian firearms declaration form. For Canadian residents, the normal firearms licensing procedures apply after meeting the relevant licensing requirements. Nevertheless, the provisional license for hunting in Canada does not entirely rely on Canada’s law on firearms and you will be required to meet additional procedures. Non-residents will be required to complete either oral or written declaration forms before in order to bring firearms with them.

Non-residents’ declaration forms

You will be required to fill a Canadian firearms declaration form at the entry point before you set foot in Canada. Two forms are usable for declaring firearms by non-residents. The first form is usable only when you have not more than three firearms (Non Residential Firearm Declaration). You can use the second form if you have more than three firearms (Non Residential Declaration Form Continuation Form). You should fill the form before reaching the entry point for time management. However, do not sign since a custom officer at the entry point should witness the signing. After filling and signing the form, you will be required to pay 25 dollars for the firearms listed. The officer will issue you with the valid document after you sign. This will be your provisional license for the next sixty days. The temporary license is renewable free of charge provided it is done before the lapse of sixty days. It is very simple; just contact the firearms chief licensing officer of your area.

You can alternatively get a license known as PAL (Possession and Acquisition license) which takes five years to expire. To secure this license you will be required to meet the Canadian requirements of acquiring firearms. Once you have acquired the license, you will only be required to declare your firearm orally. In case you intend to borrow a firearm, the following scenarios will apply.

1. A nonresident will be required to acquire a temporary license indicating the borrowing of the firearms.

2. If one borrows the firearms and remains under the guidance or works under the licensed owner, there will be no need of a license.

The temporary license of a borrowed firearm has several uses.

1. Take part in shooting competitions.

2. Take part in hunting missions under a qualified outfitter or guide.

3. To participate in hunting with a Canadian citizen who has the relevant documentation for hunting.

Are you intending to acquire a Canadian Firearms license or declaration form? Take the initiative; it is very easy once you meet the relevant requirements.

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Black Bear Bow Hunting Does Not Have To Be Hard. Read These 10 Tips.

Black bear bow hunting is one of the most enjoyable adventures in the world. Have you been thinking of bear hunting, then consider bow hunting which does not require a lot of technical know how. However, black bear bow hunting could turn out to be a nightmare if you do not know the exact spot to aim when shooting the black bear. For a successful black bear hunting mission, there are several aspects to consider. Do not be discouraged; with the right hunting aid, hunting could turn out to be an easy undertaking.

The following tips will assist you as you go for your hunting adventure.

1. Placing cameras at strategic places will assist in locating and timing the movement of the black bear. For super quick spotting, place the scouting cameras near the baiting sites.

2. You can also use smell appealing spray or jelly near the bait. Once you know the kind of smell the bears like, you can spray/ smear jelly on a nearby tree to attract the bears.

3. Make sure your clothing is free from human scent or else the bear will run away after sensing your presence. Remember, bears have a very strong sense of smell.

4. Where to target and shoot on a bear is another very important aspect to put into consideration during your hunting adventure. Sometimes aiming at the right position is a problem especially to new hunters. You will need a device to assist in aiming at the exact spot. You can use Master target when shooting the bear.

5. You should also consider bear calling since some bears respond well to different distress calls. The calls can play a magic by drawing the bear’s attention to the source of the call.

6. A good tree stand also gives you an edge on black bear bow hunting. Instead of relying on existing tree stands, improvise a stand that suits your desire.

7. Do you want to get a big and best quality catch? Then you must be a good judge of sizes. This gives you an upper hand in your hunting expedition since you will know which bear to shoot and which not to shoot.

8. The outfitters you book with matters a lot. Always go for outfitters with good reputation if you want to enjoy your hunting expedition. Some outfitters lack some basic amenities necessary for black bear bow hunting.

9. You should consider the black bear population of the region you intend to visit. An eco system with crops, green forests, and lush wood provides the right atmosphere for big black bears.

10. Stop it! Shooting small and female bears will only keep away the big male bears. Always wait for the right catch at the right moment.

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Best Bear Hunting Tips You Will Read This Year

Bear hunting is not an easy task as some people may think. If not well prepared getting a big bear, could be tiresome and stressful. Remember bears have a very good sense of smell hence they may sense of your presence from very far. To succeed in your hunting expedition, you must be equipped with the best bear hunting tips. You will only be able to beat a bear if you know its strengths/weaknesses. For example, how will you beat the high sense of smell of a bear?

The following bear hunting tips will greatly increase your chances of harvesting a big mature bear.

1. Make a tree stand that is elevated and off the ground. This will give you a clear view and ample time to aim at your target. Remember bears have a strong sense of smell and hearing. They will sense even the slightest movement or scent. An off the ground tree stand offers an ideal site to attack the bear without being noticed. You should always consider the wind flow, the distance from the bait and its strength. Remember that strange movements and smell will chase away the bears.

2. Use hunting blinds to avoid scaring the bears away. The blinds minimize human scent/movements. Another important aspect of blinds is that they offer shelter during sunny or rainy days. These blinds will offer you a clear view of the bear. Make your hunting blind adaptable to the surrounding to minimize the bears curiosity. It is a bad idea to put anything edible in the blinds since bears may be tempted to come for the food remains in the blinds therefore destroying the blinds.

3. You can decide to follow the bear from a distance or trail it close to the feeding area. Make sure the wind is flowing against your front as you stalk the bear. Any human presence can scare away the bear. It is of paramount importance to move slowly and carefully to avoid the bear from sensing your movement.

4. Baiting is another common technique of attracting the attention of the bears. Once you put the right kind of bait, rest assured that bears will go for it. The most commonly used baits include meat portions, used cooking oil, oats and many others. Bears eat almost anything so just consider anything that is permissible within your locality.

The above bear hunting tips will enable you to have your first bear harvest sooner than expected. Bear hunting could be one of the most enjoyable and thrilling mission if you play the game well. However, you will stay longer than planned if you ignore the basics of bear hunting.

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The A-Z of Archery Black Bear Hunting In Canada

Having baits in Strategic positions deep in the forest is the main way of attracting black bears. In order to be able to have a good chance to shoot at the bear, the distance from the bait is of essence. In this article, we are going to learn more about archery black bear hunting in Canada. There are a lot of facts and truths we will know about the art of bow hunting in Canada. As you plan your next bow hunting trip, please consider the distance from the bait, which should not exceed 20 yards.

Hunting bears in Canada goes in three phases. In the beginning of May to the middle of June, we have the spring hunt. Remember you have to confirm the weather flow before your visit. There comes the fall hunt in September and starts in the first week of September and goes to the middle of October. After being equipped with this important information, your hunting expedition is almost complete. Archery black bear hunting in Canada is mostly for fun. You should use between 50 and 60 lbs bows for harvesting the big black bear.

What to carry during your archery black bear hunting in Canada,

1. Carry with you heavy clothing, to use during unpredictable weather patterns.

2. Orange hunter vest and hat are very vital.

3. You can also carry your bow case.

4. Rain outfits and bug jackets.

5. Do not forget to have binoculars, flashlights, scent diffusers and other necessary assortments.

Remember you will be equipped with the relevant information about the sites by the outfitter guides. The duration a hunter takes in one site varies due to unpredictable weather patterns such as wind flow. The outfitter may provide transport to ferry you to your preferred site. The outfitter assists in tracking, removing the skin of your catch and offering cold storage facilities.

You do not have to shoot at a black bear anywhere

Black bears are strong animals and can cover long distances even after a shot. If you thought you could track black bears by following their blood trails, you are in for a big surprise. This is because if not shot well their thick fur can absorb the blood hence loosing the trail. Therefore, where to shoot the black bear is very important. To have a clear decisive shot, aim at the middle of the front and back legs.

The kind of arrows you use matters a lot when it comes to archery black bear hunting in Canada. It is for you, to choose which arrowhead suits your purpose and intention.

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