Accuracy Tests For Black Bear Archery

Black bear archery requires supreme skill and confidence, even if you’re used to hitting stationary targets. A moving target is an entirely different ballgame when it comes to hunting bears with weapons other than a gun. Because of the logistics, wind and angle have to always be taken into account. What could be considered a sure thing with a gun becomes a ‘maybe’ with a bow and arrow. So what is the best way to improve your accuracy? Here are two of the best accuracy tests to prepare you for black bear hunting.

Knowing where to aim is the most important part of accuracy! There is no point to just using the same techniques that you use with a gun. Since a gun is more automated, things can turn out a lot different depending on the conditions. Black bear archery requires personal knowledge of the middle of the middle. That means hitting the black bear between the front and hind legs and the belly. Guides are available that can illustrate it better, but the general idea is to pierce both lungs. Nothing is worse than lining up a shot and having your prey get away from you and out of range.

In the past it was believed that any shot longer than 40 yards was considered a bad shot, unethical even. The power of the bow just wasn’t enough to fatally wound a bear. But with the technological advancements of compound bows over the years, this isn’t a problem. And now comes the next part, better known as form. Some people practice different forms for their long range and short range shots. Your accuracy will suffer with bad form, so if you have a bit of a hitch in your release, now is the time to find out. Go out of your way to hit stationary shots and record yourself. Look for any hitches or anything that takes away from your power on release, since that would also affect overall accuracy. If your stance is compromised, work on it!

Practicing hitting the middle of the middle and working on your form is the best thing to do if you’re interested in black bear archery. The game becomes a lot harder if you don’t force bad habits out of your routine. With a little bit of practice, your accuracy will improve by tenfold. And at that point, it’s only a matter of time before you are bringing home the big one!

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