The journey to and from Canadian bear hunting

Canada is one of the wildest bear hunting destinations in the world. The scenery, nature and landscape are an adventure for every hunter. As you plan to go to Canada for your bear hunting, you will need to make more appropriate preparations. This will entail the gears/equipment to use, means of transport, the necessary documentations and the process of coming from Canada with your harvest. You must also consider training on your shooting skills before you travel for Canadian bear hunting. What is the purpose of going there if you do not have the relevant shooting skills?

There are several types of documents which are required for one to travel to Canada. There are procedures to be followed when entering or leaving Canada. You can enter and leave Canada by air, water and land. When traveling by air the following processes will apply. As you are airborne you will be required to fill a declaration card/form. This card shows your belongings information and your intent of visiting. There is always an attachment guiding on how to fill in the details. After completing, dispose the instruction slip and hand over the card.

After leaving the airplane, go to the checkpoint offices. Please keep ready the declaration and all other relevant documentation. After paying for all the required taxes and duty, you must now proceed to another checkpoint. Please have your declaration and relevant receipts ready. Also be ready for some few questions and examination of your luggage and other belongings.

When traveling by land, the border checkpoint officer will peruse your travel documents and any other additional documentation. You will also be required to verbally declare your possessions. As you enter by boat, you will be required to call the nearest CBSA center to be cleared. You can use the nearby marine telephone booth to call or sometimes your cellular phone. All in all remember to abide by the law or you could be arrested. Parents are advised to carry the necessary documents when traveling with their children. The parents should make sure they travel in one vehicle as they enter the checkpoint. To make your Canadian bear hunting a success, please abide by the above procedures.

As you plan to go back home, you will be required to fill a declaration form to show that you are the owner of the harvest. You will be required to produce the hunting license of Canada plus the tag to show the legality of the trophy. The trophy can also be shipped with an extra fee. For a U.S citizen, one will be required to fill the U.S 3-177-1 for fish and wildlife. This form shows that they are the owners of the trophy and allows importation of the carcass from Canada. You will be required to have with you all other relevant documentation for your travel.

Equipped with the above information, you are now ready for Canadian bear hunting. Research well before you plan to visit Canada for your hunting adventure.

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Laws governing bear hunt in Canada

There are several laws relating to a bear hunt in Canada. Before you embark on your hunting adventure, please consult the firearms licensing, legal hunting age, the kind of bear to kill and all other laws governing a bear hunt in Canada. Disobeying or ignoring those laws, may land you in jail, be deported or your belongings being confiscated. You can visit the relevant licensing agencies to know more about hunting laws.

For Canadian citizens, one must have a firearms hunting license from the firearms licensing offices. You will need to have a hunting license from your province (PHL). There are two types of firearms licenses in Canada. The licenses are for different categories of gun holders. We have the following firearm licenses; restricted possession only, minors and possession/acquisition firearms licenses. For one to acquire these licenses, a certain fee is required. The expiry period is five years and each type requires different obligations. For a borrowed firearm, one should be under the guidance/supervision of the licensed gun holder.

For non- residents, you will need to fill a declaration form at the entry point before an officer of customs. This form legalizes you to enter Canada with your firearms. A continuation sheet declaration will be necessary for firearms exceeding three. For those coming without firearms and intent to borrow, an acquisition/possession license (PAL) is necessary. They must have a provisional firearms borrowing license.

It is important to note that no hunting is permissible in government-protected parks. The authorities do not allow hunting when the animals are in water. There are laws, which are enforceable by the federal government and others by the local provincial authorities. Remember each province has its own hunting regulations therefore, it is important to liaise with the local provincial administration.

Canadian laws allow non-residents to enter with their hunting dogs in Canada. The non-resident should produce a valid vaccination certificate on rabies. The following details should be included in the certificate.

1. The validity of the vaccine should be visible in the certificate if not; automatically the vaccine is for one year. The name of the vaccine and serial number should be in the certificate.

2. The description of the dog i.e. weight, breed and color.

If you are visiting Canada for black bear hunting, make sure to contact the relevant authorities on laws governing a bear hunt in Canada. This will make your visit fruitful and very enjoyable. Once you follow these laws, be assured of a thrilling and adventurous hunting mission in Canada.

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Important gears for black bear hunting in Canada

Black bear hunting in Canada can be an adventurous event if you are fully prepared. There are some basic essentials which should be in your must have list as you plan to go for black bear hunting. It is advisable to check out with friends who have been there before to know the basic hunting gears required. Better still you can search in the internet for the latest hunting gear to make your journey a success. Please consider the following gears as you plan to go for black bear hunting in Canada.

1. Gumboots with internal leather lining. Canada has a lot of water especially during spring season. During this time, rivers, lakes, springs and many areas are flooded. To avoid hurting yourself or even be unable to accomplish your mission, you need to have a pair of hunting gumboots. Try to look for the latest design with leather lining interior to keep you warm. Remember these should not be the ordinary up to the knee high gumboots but up to the thigh high gumboots. This will enable you to cross deep waters without difficulties.

2. Carry a standby hunting stand/ ladder. Though most outfitters will have stands sometimes, their stands may be outdated or not fit for hunting missions. To be on top of the game carry an adjustable stand to use just in case. This will give you an advantage in beating black bear’s psychology of know how of the local built in stands near the bait.

3. If you are hunting bear with a bow, ave an easy to use bow holder. This is an essential requirement because the bears come fully aware that there is an eminent danger. If not equipped with the right bow holder, you can miss your target. There are several easy to use bow holders in the market and you only need to get the right match for your mission.

4. Good supply of wear and consumables. Sometimes weather can be tricky therefore this requires being ready for the unexpected. Having the right wear will make you wait for the black bears comfortably whether it rains or not. You might be forced to wait longer than expected for the right catch hence the need to have the right wear to see you through.

5. Carry with you head nets. As you are aware Canadian hunting areas are bushy and flooded therefore a lot of mosquitoes. The black bear hunting in Canada can turn out to be a painful adventure due to mosquito bites.

6. Carry with you binoculars or range finders to help you locate entry points of black bears from a long range. This gives you an added advantage as you can adequately prepare yourself as the bear approaches.

It is for your own good to equip yourself with the necessary hunting gear. Do you want to go for black bear hunting in Canada and come home smiling? Then this is the right approach for you.

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Advantages of Canadian black bear rifle hunting

The type of rifle you use in black bear hunting matters a lot. Black bears are very fat with many strong bones therefore you will need a high-tech rifle to penetrate. Remember black bears have very thick fur, which sometimes covers the bullet wound concealing their trail. Using a large bullet and shooting at a short range can be the magic. As you plan to go for your Canadian black bear rifle hunting, consider the following:

1. The thickness and body mass of the black bear. Rifles using small caliber might not penetrate the black bears fur/body very effectively.

2. The design of your rifle will matter a lot when it comes to black bear hunting.

3. Consider practicing with the rifle of your choice or else you will miss the opportunity. It does not matter the type of rifle you use if you do not practice with it. Remember practice makes perfect. The key here is familiarizing with your rifle.

4. Consider the type of rifle scope to use when going for black bear hunts. Select good quality rifle scopes. Consider the following rifle scopes as you plan to buy, Nikon, Vortex, Zeiss and Bushnell.

These are a few advantages of Canadian black bear rifle hunting,

1. Hunting rifles mounted with rifle scopes enhance the vision of the hunter. You can spot your target from a long range. The scope gives you clear and sharp focus.

2. You will use minimal ammunition/bullets. The scope will offer a great degree of accuracy when shooting therefore there will be no need of follow-up shots.

3. Your eyes are saved, no straining therefore no pressure on sighting your target.

4. The rifle reduces the risk of attacks by other animals. You can always sight them from far and take a decisive action before they reach you.

5. Even when the black bear is running or moving fast, there is always a possibility of hitting your target with ease.

6. The rifle covers a wide and long shooting range as compared to bow hunting.

7. The rifle enables the hunter to shoot with a lot of confidence. The target is a lot closer and bigger.

There are two types of hunting rifle guns, which are commonly used.

1. The Lever action-hunting rifles are very accurate and reliable with many positive results.

2. The Bolt action-hunting rifles, these are the most popular rifles in N. America. For black bear hunting, the rifle is quick, reliable, and accurate.

You now know why Canadian black bear rifle hunting is fun. With modern scope mounted rifles, bear hunting has become a hobby for many people. As we move to a more digitally charged century, more sophisticated hunting rifles will come up.

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What is a Canadian black bear outfitter?

A Canadian black bear outfitter is a licensed firm, company or business that guides, contracts and plans hunting missions for hunters in Canada. Apart from that, outfitters give guidance to hunting guides as they take hunters around. The outfitters also offer transport, accommodation, baits, stands and freezer services. Outfitters play a very crucial role in facilitating smooth hunting adventure. Some bad outfitters out there offer sub standard services to the hunters. There comes the question, how can you know a good Canadian black bear Outfitter?

The following pointers will assist you in choosing a good outfitter.

1. Find about their insurance cover and their operating outfitter licenses. The Canadian law requires an outfitter to have a license and have an insurance cover. An outfitter who has met these conditions could be a good one.

2. Dig for any past complaints from past clients through business bureaus. If no complaints, then this could be a good outfitter.

3. Try to find in advance the ratio of guides versus hunters. Try to establish who shall be your guide as in qualification and experience. This information is always in the site.

4. Consider the outfitters package. Does it include hunting license, transport and accommodation?

5. Find about the years the outfit has been in business. The more years in business, the possibility the outfitter could be genuine.

6. Go for outfitters with reviews and feedback from clients.

7. Set an interview with the outfitter or guide to know and understand them better.

8. Go online and request recommendation from past clients of the outfitter in question. Many past clients will give their unbiased feedback of the outfitter.

The above information will assist you in identifying the best Canadian black bear outfitter. Go forth and have an adventurous hunting mission.

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