Dangers of bear hunting in Canada

Canada is one of the biggest places for hunting bears. During bear season, there are hunters that attempt to bag the large one and those just curious to view the bear hunts. The danger and general excitement of the hunt is plenty to draw on the very basic components of human nature and create a buzz around bear hunting. It is a harsh reality but for the bears and for some innocent bystanders, bear hunting can create a chaotic and unfortunate scene.

It is argued by hunters that the bear population is rapidly recharging and regenerating itself, ending in the moral validity of bear hunting. In other words, there are enough bears globally and, furthermore, without bear hunting the people in certain areas would be overwrought. While this notion could be partially true, it is also important to consider that bear hunters commonly are not properly educated in the matter. Some bear hunters are not in search of purposes of thinning a specific species to maintain some sense of animal control in the area. This results in many bear hunters callously shooting at anything that moves and taking down anything that looks like a bear, paying no mind to the species or need for the bear.

For this reason, bear hunting is best left to the professionals. There are many within the wildlife communities that are presented with the undertaking of taking down the bear population by statistically represented and supported numerical values. These wildlife officials know what bears to look for and have identified the bears that are older and weaker, leaving the decision of hunting bears owing to a real representation of the bear community in a specific area and to actual natural law.

Whitetail deer hunting… using the easiest routes possible

Experienced hunters recommend checking the hunting equipment when going into the stand, not later when a buck will eventually walk out. Check if your scope is clear, the shells in the chamber or if you use a bow, check if your bow will draw back properly. There are many issues to take into consideration that is why we strongly advise to prepare well ahead.

If you plan on hunting whitetail deer in a food plot or a large field it is recommended to do it during the late hours of the day. Remember that deer like heavy cover so it is advisable to try and clear a path through the cover that you consider these animals might be using. The whitetail deer usually prefers using the easiest routes possible. Once you have set up a path, hunt over the built path in a hunting tree stand.

If using deer calls is your cup of tea, it is advisable to use it only after you see a deer that you are not willing to shoot. Once you have done so, you will notice that it doesn’t scare them and you will observe their reactions. Be sure to use the most suitable calls, otherwise the animals will get suspicious.

The best advice possible is to hunt whenever possible. Experience is crucial, only by going out there in the wilderness you will learn more about their habitat, feeding habits and other characteristics that you will eventually use in your advantage. We strongly suggest that you follow our advice and the next time you have the possibility to hunt, don’t hesitate, you know what they say: practice makes perfect and this statement is entirely applicable for hunting not only whitetail deer but other animals as well.

When you are about to hunt in a new area, it is advisable to hunt at a new stand each day for a short period of time as this is the most efficient way to learn about the deer movement routes.

If you plan on hunting whitetail deer with a bow, experienced hunters recommend doing it from a tree stand because it is way more efficient in comparison with hunting from ground level. Another piece of advice, use only one pin because it is easier to aim high or low on the whitetail deer than attempt to remember to use a specific one when the large one walks out.

We hope that our suggestions will come in handy and on your first attempts on hunting these animals you will get at least decent results. Remember; practice every time you have the chance.

Different ways to conduct your Whitetail Deer Hunt

There are many ways to conduct whitetail hunts. Some prefer to hunt alone while others hunt with family or friends. Rifle hunting allows you to put more distance between you and the deer, though sometimes the noise of gunshots can be problematic, both for your hunting success and for those around you. Bow hunting is another popular method due to its stealthiest and overall clean kill. However, hunting with arrows requires a slightly higher level of skill and patience, as you must be closer to the deer to get an accurate shot.

Some hunters who indulge in whitetail hunts prefer to set up stands and wait for a deer to walk near. Others enjoy looking for deer signs such as scat, tracks, deer rubbings on trees, signs of feeding, and more. Some hunters will quietly follow a deer for a considerable amount of time before making their shot. When it comes to shooting deer, it’s typically considered good sport to attempt to track down a wounded deer instead of simply shooting another one.

Whitetail hunts are unique in that these deer have specific body language and make a variety of sounds, all of which you can use to your advantage. In learning to read the deer’s movements, you can determine whether or not it scents you, if it is rutting, if it is aggressive or diseased, and other important factors. Many hunters also use bugles on their whitetail hunts to lure deer out into the open. However, it’s generally not a good idea to overuse or depend on this call.

Deer season takes place during the fall, when the air is crisp and cool and the leaves are aflame. The pristine conditions alone are enough to draw many hunters. However, if you’re concerned about forests crowded with fellow rifle and bow hunters, it may be time to consider getting a private hunting lease.

What many new hunters don’t realize is that deer are a common problem for landowners and farmers alike. In arranging a hunting lease, you will be able to hunt on their land in exchange for a small fee. This way, both of you benefit and you will be able to enjoy a quieter, more secluded hunting grounds.

Determine the points of your trophy Whitetail Deer

How do you determine if your trophy deer hunting has been successful? Deer size is judged mostly on the “points” system, which is determined by measuring several points on the antlers. There are extremely strict regulations on measuring these points.

First of all, you have to know how many points each of the two antlers have. These will be labeled “G”, followed by a number that determines how far away the point is from the main beam. Then, you measure the spreads – there are three places of measurement here. You’ll also measure the length of all points, including abnormal points, the length of the main beam, and the length of each point.

Add to these the circumferences of various parts of the main branch, and then take out the difference in lengths between the various points. The overall total achieved is the point ranking of the deer. When you are trophy deer hunting, it is important to be aware of these measurements and what is considered a trophy sized specimen within the species you are hunting. When you have become familiar with the typical sizes and what they look like, you’ll begin to judge without a tape measure and make an estimate as to whether the buck you have in your sights is going to fit the bill.

Black bear hunting in the Spring and Fall

One of the factors that contribute to the growing desire for people to go on a black bear hunting trip is the ability to partake of this sport in either the spring or fall. Both times of year also allow the opportunity to go on the hunt for other wildlife. Escaping to a resort for an extended camping trip in bear country allows a time to unwind and gain a better understanding of the natural world. Living off the land either alone or with a group is an exceptional experience that allows greater appreciation for the wonders of nature.

There are a number of viable options open to the hunter seeking to experience the thrill of a spot and stalk during a black bear hunting trip. Hunting trip packages are offered in a number of different parts of North America in beautiful surroundings. The prices are affordable enough that even the most casual sportsman could consider going on this expedition. The opportunity to explore less travelled areas like our forefathers helps to gain a better understanding of what life was like before the modern age. The trip will truly be one for the ages that will be long remembered.

Nothing can quite compare to the delight that comes from the exhilaration of successfully tracking and shooting a trophy bear. Black bear hunting presents the opportunity to experience the most basic… of man against nature. With overpopulation becoming a problem, the trip is a sustainable way to protect the species. For the uninitiated, traveling with experienced hunters will ensure that the trip is an electrifying experience. Coming home with a big trophy will amaze friends and colleagues. Regardless of the method used to stalk the animal, a successful hunt will be a significant achievement in the career of the sportsman.

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