Finding New Areas When Bear Hunting In New Brunswick

Going to the same old spots when you’re hunting can be a bit of a bore-especially if you’ve become used to the area. Bear hunting in New Brunswick should be an experience, and not a retread. To get around the monotony, finding new and exciting places in the area is a perfect start. It will also open up the road to new adventures, and in some cases make you change out your equipment. No matter where you end up, it’s all about making the most of your time.

If you’ve been the type of hunter that has used tree stands when bear hunting in New Brunswick, now is a great time to switch it up. That means going out of your way to explore the surrounding area rather than relying on tried and true traps. Sometimes the challenge gets sucked out of using tree stands, even when the odds are against you. Shooting bears like a fish in the barrel gets old quick, so abandon the stand in favor of exploring the area. Not only will you explore larger prey this way, but you’ll also be able to test the limits of your tracking skills. Good tracking skills are a lost art, and have to be seen to be appreciated.

Have you been a gun user all of your life when it came to hunting? Well the next time you plan on bear hunting in New Brunswick, why not try archery? There is a massive following for bear archery, and it requires a lot of skill and dedication. This is a great way to work on hunting talents leading up to your bear hunting trip. It’s not implausible to get the hang of bear archery in a month’s time. And with the new skill in place, even if you don’t want to use it there will always be a sustainable fallback when you run out of bullets!

But nothing beats following the trends for the area, even if it means hiring a guide or having a friendly conversation with one. No one knows the area better than these trained professionals, and even if you don’t hire them they can point you in the right direction. Bear hunting has its best perks when you don’t let the routine get stale. So when the time comes in the year for you to make your annual trip, it becomes something you’re looking forward too rather than something you want to get out of the way.

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Accuracy Tests For Black Bear Archery

Black bear archery requires supreme skill and confidence, even if you’re used to hitting stationary targets. A moving target is an entirely different ballgame when it comes to hunting bears with weapons other than a gun. Because of the logistics, wind and angle have to always be taken into account. What could be considered a sure thing with a gun becomes a ‘maybe’ with a bow and arrow. So what is the best way to improve your accuracy? Here are two of the best accuracy tests to prepare you for black bear hunting.

Knowing where to aim is the most important part of accuracy! There is no point to just using the same techniques that you use with a gun. Since a gun is more automated, things can turn out a lot different depending on the conditions. Black bear archery requires personal knowledge of the middle of the middle. That means hitting the black bear between the front and hind legs and the belly. Guides are available that can illustrate it better, but the general idea is to pierce both lungs. Nothing is worse than lining up a shot and having your prey get away from you and out of range.

In the past it was believed that any shot longer than 40 yards was considered a bad shot, unethical even. The power of the bow just wasn’t enough to fatally wound a bear. But with the technological advancements of compound bows over the years, this isn’t a problem. And now comes the next part, better known as form. Some people practice different forms for their long range and short range shots. Your accuracy will suffer with bad form, so if you have a bit of a hitch in your release, now is the time to find out. Go out of your way to hit stationary shots and record yourself. Look for any hitches or anything that takes away from your power on release, since that would also affect overall accuracy. If your stance is compromised, work on it!

Practicing hitting the middle of the middle and working on your form is the best thing to do if you’re interested in black bear archery. The game becomes a lot harder if you don’t force bad habits out of your routine. With a little bit of practice, your accuracy will improve by tenfold. And at that point, it’s only a matter of time before you are bringing home the big one!

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The Differences in Bear Hunting Seasons in New Brunswick

Knowing how seasons affect the way you hunt will help in determining the best time to plan a trip. Bear hunting seasons in New Brunswick tend to tip toe a fine line when it comes to experience. Hunters from all around the world can tell you how different things are in certain areas, and may even offer some advice on their favorite New Brunswick hunting grounds. Factoring in seasons when going bear hunting in Canada is more helpful than you think.

Spring is great for enjoying the lush landscape of New Brunswick. Everything in view is beautiful, and it is also the best season to hunt. Natural food is bountiful in the spring season meaning that more bears are available for the kill. Your chances of coming away successful doubles in this season with the prospect of groups of bears. It’s also easy to see your prey in their natural habitat with less places for them to hide, and better footing while you track. Consider spring the beginner/intermediate level for hunting bears. Now when you want a big challenge, then the fall season becomes one of the best bear hunting seasons in New Brunswick.

Fall can be described as the hard/expert level for hunters that want to up the challenge. The fall season changes the way you track your prey, and in many instances you will alert them long before getting close. Don’t be surprised if it becomes difficult to get a clean shot off. Bear hunting seasons in New Brunswick are available for all levels, and there is no doubt that Fall is one of the best. Even the equipment you wear is different, and should be catered to the season you’re hunting in. You will no doubt use your entire arsenal of skills to hunt in the fall months, so make sure to bring your ‘A’ game!

No matter which season you choose to participate in, there are a lot of pros and few cons for each. Find out which one suits your style the most and plan a trip to New Brunswick. And don’t be afraid of the fall hunt, as that is nothing more than a good reason to sharpen your hunting skills.

How to Fill Out a Non-Resident Canadian Firearms Declaration Form

Any traveler that wants to get through the non-resident Canadian firearms declaration form should be prepared for some of the questions. They aren’t out of the ordinary for anyone that’s owned weapons before, but they should be answered correctly the first time. Like all official forms, putting in the wrong information could delay you from an enjoyable hunting experience in Canada. Here are some of the things you should look out for on the form so that you’ll be prepared ahead of time.

The non-resident Canadian firearms declaration form is for any non-resident that wants to bring firearms into Canada. If you want to expedite the process, instead of having the form emailed to you (or downloading it) you can get pre-processed at several customs offices, airport entry points and even land border entry points. Checking ahead of time for the most up to date information will be essential in getting it done fast and avoiding mistakes. Before even considering this, the user must be at least 18 years old to even bring the firearm into Canada. And of course, class restrictions are still important when it comes to the rights of the individual user’s possession of said firearms.

Now when it comes to the form itself, prepare to use a ballpoint pen with legible writing. Avoid the shaded areas on the form while also paying close attention to the back of the declaration- most questions are answered clearly before you even have to seek out extra help. If you tend to visit Canada a lot for hunting, then there is an alternative form that will be of better use. It is called the Non-Resident Firearm Declaration – Continuation, and is different from the non-resident Canadian firearms declaration form that has strict time limits. Offering a full five year license, it gets rid of the hassles of going through this process each time you want to go to Canada and hunt.

Having all of your ducks in a row before getting to your hunt will prevent having to worry about delays. Everything about the process is straightforward and is made to make the use of firearms in Canada a breeze for non-residents. The Firearms Act exists for a reason, so make sure to abide by all laws and regulations. There is an official website to visit with all of this information, so if anything changes you won’t be taken by surprise. Hunting is a lot better when all of the official motions are out of the way!

Packing Smart for New Brunswick Spring Bear Hunting

Seasons change, and so do requirements. When packing for New Brunswick spring bear hunting, it’s important to take the right equipment. It’s also important to make the right decisions before you even finalize your trip. Having everything in order when you want to hunt during spring will make hunting easier. Now if you want a challenge (along with some frustration) then don’t prepare at all!

Rules during the spring for hunting are different than rules for the fall. This applies strictly to bear hunting in certain parts of Canada. Knowing these rules ahead of time will make sure that your New Brunswick spring bear hunting trip isn’t a disaster full of broken regulations. For beginning hunters, this isn’t as vital as the way you hunt. Bears react to different conditions and know how to use their environment for an advantage. Since you’ll be out of your comfort zone away from the camp, having a good feel of the surroundings is vital. That includes watching your back while also knowing the more heavily populated areas. Once you get to the point where you know the area well enough to navigate your way back to camp without help, then that is when the real hunt begins. So the rule of thumb is to always pack equipment for navigational purposes until you get the hang of the area.

Deer hunting is more forgiving to the bad shooter. When it comes to bears in the spring time, their activity level is higher. There is more natural food in the habitat since it is spring time, meaning there are more chances to score a big haul. Having extra ammo is always a plus, so whenever in doubt always bring extra ammo. Being in a can’t miss situation with one bullet is not going to make things easier for anyone interested in New Brunswick spring bear hunting. Lastly, the most important thing to remember to pack is clothes/additional scents. Bears are smart, so giving away your position from being downwind is not going to be a good notch on your hunting belt.

Everyone has their own set of supplies that they pack when it comes to hunting in Canada. Having good navigational equipment, clothes with extra scents and extra ammo will help you in any time of crisis. Hunting for bears should be good sporting game, and not a gamble that frustrates you due to the odds.

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